The style of subway passengers

  The squeeze shows the style. Strangers and strangers are in close contact, as if one grape and another grape in a good harvest are squeezed into each other’s shape. It is also like a drop of blood stabbed from a nation, which can test out the habits of a nation.
  I just arrived in Japan that year and traveled to a certain place. It was early in the morning when the subway station was silently crowded. The Yamato people have a habit of being dumb, with their mouths clamped tightly, they will never express sorrow and joy easily. The subway came, and looking through the window, the carriage was full of yellow skin, like reeds waiting to be turned into pulp, standing stiff and motionless.
  Because of our collective action, we are afraid that everyone will not be able to enter the same carriage, and it will be troublesome if we get separated. Expecting that the following cars will be looser, I waited for one after another. The interpreter was in a hurry and told the Japanese subway that this is the way to squeeze. If you wait any longer, you will all be late. Everyone said that even if we wanted to, we couldn’t. The translator said that it must be available, as long as you want to. There is a special “pushing hand” that will be responsible for pushing the crowd into the car door.
  So under his leadership, we squeezed into a squeeze. Hey, what the interpreter said, when we were like a tumor, bulging at the door of the carriage, Suddenly’s back had a powerful boost and slammed us into the door. I really want to look back and see how these professional promoters operate, and pay tribute. It’s a pity that the head collided and the neck couldn’t be bent at all.
  The fleshy body is very flexible, it seems that the needle can’t get into the carriage that can’t be splashed, and it hula la and pushes several people into it. The lights in the subway are bright. Observing the faces around me at such a close distance makes me feel a sense of horror. The Japanese are as if they have drenched the entire summer and autumn land, compacted and silent. The body was clamped flat, his expression was still calm, he had no complaints about the extreme crowding, and he stubbornly endured. I finally got a closer understanding of their world-renowned team spirit. It was solidified into a single piece of iron under the strong external force. The individual disappeared, leaving only the cold will to override it.
  The real suffering has just begun. Keep your neck straight and face up all the way, in order to blow the hot air out of breath to the ceiling as much as possible, and don’t spray into the nostrils of others. Without the assistance of a professional pusher when getting off the car, there is no hope of getting away. The compartments are stacked like shale, incarcerated, and can only be swept over people’s shoulders. The crowd was scattered at a few stops before they all got out of the car and gathered together. From then on, when I think of the Tokyo subway, sweat immediately leaks out of my body.
  The Chicago subway in the United States has a heavy and cold taste, with naked steel spreading everywhere, without the slightest tenderness and decoration, as if people would forget that it was a product of the early industrial era.
  It’s working time again. A subway came over. Looking at the window, I was very optimistic at first. The carriage was quite empty, and it could even be said that it was easy to get on the train quickly and easily. But, wait a minute, why is the door so crowded? It seems to have been secreted in the large intestine for a week. I want these people to get off at this station. I’m afraid that getting in and out is inconvenient, so get together at the exit early. After the car stopped steadily, it was discovered that those people had no intention of getting off the car at all. All of them were like blond Qin Shubao, guarding the door and never giving way. The people under the car also retreated with a sense of understanding, obediently staying aside, and didn’t push hard.
  I took the American translator and wanted to jump in. She said to wait for another one. Seeing a car that can get on. It was unbearable to drive away lazily like this. I said, go ahead. The translator said that if you squeeze hard, you interfere with other people’s space. As she was talking, a black woman with a huge body pushed through the obstruction of the door. She slammed into the open area in the middle of the car as she carried it sideways. She smiled wantonly at the people waiting outside the window, very cheerful. I said, you see, people just went up like this. The interpreter said, “Look, you see, how many people are looking sideways.” I just noticed that the people around, both on and off the car, were full of disdain, as if they were saying, look at this woman, how uneducated!
  I don’t understand. You can go up with just one squeeze. Why? The translator said that American customs are like this. Attaches great importance to the sphere of influence, mine is mine, sacred and inviolable. Come early, stand at the door, this is my jurisdiction. I am willing to let it out, it is my freedom; if I don’t want to let it out, you have no right to cross…
  The crowdedness of the Beijing subway seems to be between Japan and the United States. We do not have a professional “pushman”, unfortunately and fortunately.
  Whether it is crowded or not is one of the important signs of Beijing’s authenticity. It’s not a skill to just squeeze it up. Once you go up, you need to be able to show a gap to the people behind, and being kind to others is authentic. Only migrant workers squeezed at the door in large and small packages. They are timid and humble. The goalkeeper is not a territorial possessiveness, but a newcomer, with no bottom in their hearts, fearing that they will not get out of the car. They let the impact of the flow of people without complaint, and tenaciously kept a little sense of security for themselves. After staying in the city for a long time, they became more sophisticated, and they walked smartly in the car as soon as they got into the car, saying in half-baked Mandarin: Excuse me… the inner compartment of the carriage is relatively loose, which is really good for others and selfish.
  The subway passengers in Beijing were squeezed and bumped by people in the crowding, all of which were commonplace. For example, if the foot is stepped on, the first-class reaction is humorous, saying: “I’m sorry, I’ve got your foot.” The medium-sized person may say, “Be careful, my feet are long. Do you think it is made of stainless steel?” Even the inferior response is just a muttering: “Have you ever been in a car, take a moment, my ankle may be broken, you have to accompany me to the hospital for a CT scan Go!” Then he limped out of the car alone.
  The boundary between people should not be too clear. When the water is clear, there will be no fish, and it has reached the edge of indifference. Of course, it should not be too close. Without boundaries, there will be no individuality and independence. Appropriate “degree” is a cultural convention.
  Still like the way of moderation and peace. In the future, with the Universal Metro, it may be the flexible distance feeling of Beijing’s eastern style that should be implemented.