The art of showing off wealth

  Someone discovered that star wives and children are in economy class. Some people say that celebrities are a bit stingy. Others say that flying from Hong Kong to Shanghai is a short distance, only two and a half hours, and it’s okay to fly in economy class.
  People generally choose economy class if they cannot be reimbursed. Business class or first class is one to five times more expensive than economy class. In exchange, you can get free food and drink in the VIP lounge, priority security check and boarding, better food and wine, and larger seats. But there may also be children crying next door, and the food won’t be too delicious in the sky.
  According to the book “Ask the Captain”, there are generally three types of seats on an airplane: first class, business class and economy class. Economy class is also called bus class or sightseeing class. Both business class and first class are called premium class. Generally speaking, first class is more luxurious than business class and the fare is higher. But this is only relatively speaking, business class on long-haul flights is even more advanced than domestic first class. Some airlines use tricky naming techniques to blur the distinction between classes. Virgin Atlantic has a luxury business class, and Alitalia has a magnificent class. In order to beautify the image of the economy class, Air France calls it the traveler class. Continental Airlines also has business first class. In Europe, economy class is divided into two zones, one of which has a larger leg room, and there is a premium economy class or a comfortable economy class. Patrick hopes that the plane can install more comfortable seats in the economy class, and then each seat is equipped with enough movies, and at least a 9-inch large screen, which can distract passengers and feel happy. In the economy class, you can also watch a new movie for free that requires VIP members of the video site.
  If the rich take economy class, maybe they feel that first class is not worth the price, want to be like ordinary people, or want to get in touch with ordinary people more? Rich people don’t have to take first class to show off their wealth. It is more luxurious if you have time to take your children to Shanghai to visit classes and vacations. A report in Bloomberg Businessweek in 2018 stated that wealthy people in Asia have to live a luxurious lifestyle. Relatively speaking, they spend the most in Shanghai, whether they buy a house, get a lawyer or buy a watch or a bag.
  Rich people show off their wealth not only to show off to ordinary people, but to show off until other rich people can see that they are rich, then they are considered competent.
  In 2000, a man went to the painter Pagan’s house and said that he was Christopher Rockefeller. He had just bought a yacht for 34 million U.S. dollars and planned to buy five or six works of Pagan for 500,000 U.S. dollars. He also said that in order to facilitate his payment, he needs Pagan’s bank account. Pagan didn’t feel right. The man spoke with a strong French accent and had an eagle tattoo on his arm. Pagan finally concluded that he was a counterfeit because he couldn’t tell whether the wine was good or bad. Pagan poured cheap California red wine for the customer, but the customer said it was a good wine, from Bordeaux.
  American writer Conniff said in the book “The Rich Are Wild Animals” that revealing one’s wealth is an art. “If you are too ostentatious in wealth, intelligence, or other strengths, you may end up sending the opposite message, as if When telling people, there is probably something suspicious about the show-off. Excessive display of gorgeous jewelry usually means that one is old and declining.” So show off quietly. The rich seem to dress casually. A work shirt looks like an ordinary twill shirt, but people who can afford this shirt can recognize it from the light purple stitches. It is the best quality in the world. Italy Borelli (Borelli) brand shirt, 340 US dollars a piece.
  It’s natural to wear better clothes. Ordinary people can probably do it with a little effort, so the rich may not be happy. “The symbol of wealth must be changed frequently to prevent some people from getting confused into the ranks of the rich. The status symbol of the previous year was to go to St. Barth for Christmas, and then to the pasture in Patagonia the next year. “The
  agent James Bond is supposed to be a British civil servant, but his life is extravagant. Because the spy life is boring and dangerous, he often makes fun of himself and is interested in material enjoyment. His opponents should be the same, they shouldn’t be brawny men with simple clothes and simple minds.