Stimulate the positive social value of short videos

  The accelerated development of the Internet and big data has brought people a rapidly changing digital life. At the same time, short video addiction, game addiction and other phenomena are also becoming “digital troubles” in people’s lives.
  In recent years, the popularity of short videos has become one of the trends in the development of the Internet, and it has also become a new important growth point for the Internet cultural industry. According to a statistical bulletin issued by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television not long ago, in 2020, Chinese netizens will average about 100 minutes of video content per day, and the annual Internet video users will reach 690 million.
  On the one hand, the rise of online videos, especially short videos, has met the diverse needs of netizens with vivid fragmentary presentations and diversified themes; on the other hand, short videos also have social functions, which can be captured, watched, and liked. , Comments and other behaviors, allowing users to form an interaction. For this reason, with the popularization of 5G technology and the further increase of Internet speed, short videos have become a content product that Internet users increasingly rely on, and they have also become an important entertainment method for many young people. A report by the China Network Audiovisual Program Service Association in October last year showed that the average daily use time of short videos in my country has exceeded that of instant messaging. At the same time, a survey of 1974 parents interviewed also showed that 92.1% of the parents interviewed believe that it is common for teenagers to indulge in short videos. How to better stimulate the positive social value of short videos and prevent indulging in short videos is worthy of joint discussion and efforts by the whole society.
  We need to see that there are inherent reasons for being addicted to short videos. The content and types of short videos are very rich, not only recording and capturing life, but also displaying similar original short dramas, as well as the popularization of various knowledge, satisfying the curiosity of many people. At the same time, the length of the video is very in line with the law of attention, and often has a smooth user experience, and the content can be switched with a single swipe of the finger. In addition, the short video platform can also push the corresponding content according to the user’s preference according to the algorithm. For those users who lack time management concepts and self-discipline consciousness, especially teenagers, it has a certain negative impact. For example, it has caused a lot of time wastage, work, study and even rest time is occupied; concentration is disturbed, it is difficult to continue to pay attention to long-term continuous things; watching a lot of meaningless content causes the hollowing of life itself; interpersonal skills And lack of social reality, and so on.
  In response to the negative impact of short video addiction, various sectors of society have made various efforts in recent years. The person in charge of the National Copyright Administration said not long ago that this year will promote short video platforms, self-media, and public account operators to fully perform their main responsibilities. At present, some short video platforms have launched a youth model to manage the viewing behavior of short videos in a relatively feasible manner, thereby fulfilling their social responsibilities more and striving to eliminate the negative effects of obsession. Regulatory authorities also need to conduct more effective management, so that there are rules to prevent short video indulges, so that platforms, creators, and publishers can follow, so that the development of the short video industry can be more standardized and orderly. In addition, content producers of short videos also need to strengthen their sense of social responsibility, take due responsibility for their own creation, and strive to avoid the appearance of vulgar and worthless short videos.
  To prevent short video addiction, adults need to lead by example. In daily life, parents should assume the responsibilities of the first responsible person. Schools, families, and the overall social environment need to cooperate with each other to help young people establish a healthy and positive outlook on entertainment and leisure, and use more and better social activities to let young people out of short video addiction. At the same time, it is necessary to encourage young people to develop a stronger sense of autonomy and self-consciousness, form normal and diverse hobbies and positive and reasonable interactions, cultivate a healthier and positive outlook on life, focus on study and work, and embrace positive and positive attitudes more confidently. The digital age with higher cultural content.