Russia’s “doomsday” nuclear submarine is about to come true

   US media’s “Defense Blog” website recently reported that Mikhail Budnichenko, CEO of Russia’s Severodvinsk Shipyard, said that he expected Russia’s latest super-large nuclear submarine, the Belgorod, to be Complete the test before the end of this year. The submarine is the carrier of the “Poseidon” nuclear-powered submarine. According to the report, Budnichenko said that the “Belgorod” (modified Oscar II class) special-purpose nuclear submarine, as well as the “Novosibirsk” and “Knyaz Oleg” nuclear submarines will be on board. Complete the national test before the end of this year. These nuclear submarines must go to sea many times for shipyard and national tests. Up to now, all operations on the nuclear submarine are proceeding as planned. These nuclear submarines performed well and confirmed their technical parameters.
   According to reports, Severodvinsk Shipyard began construction of the “Belgorod” in 1992, where the boat remained unfinished for nearly ten years. It is said that Russia began planning to convert it into a special project submarine in 2010 and officially implemented it in 2012. After modification, the total length of the “Belgorod” has increased by nearly 100 feet. According to reports, the 604-foot (about 184 meters) “Belgorod” is one of the largest submarines in history. It can carry up to six 79-foot (about 24 meters) long and equipped with huge nuclear warheads. “Poseidon” nuclear-powered submarine. According to Popular Mechanics, “Poseidon” is a giant torpedo with a range of thousands of miles and a maximum speed of 60 knots. “Poseidon” carries a 2-megaton TNT equivalent thermonuclear warhead designed to bypass the US missile defense system and strike its coastal targets, including ports and cities. According to TASS news agency, Budnichenko also emphasized that after these nuclear submarines are put into service, the slipway of the Severodvinsk shipyard will not be empty. The plant is continuing to study multi-purpose submarines, doing its utmost to ensure rhythmic construction (submarines).

   Recently, a video about “Moving a motorcycle after a master’s degree in a prestigious university became unemployed” caused a heated discussion among netizens, and it was once ranked first in the hot search on Weibo. According to reports, Du Yang, 38 years old this year, studied English as a bachelor, and later graduated with a master’s degree at Sun Yat-Sen University. He has excellent English proficiency. Half a month ago, Du Yang, who was engaged in English training, was unemployed and became a motorcycle driver on the streets of Changsha, Hunan due to a misunderstanding. In the face of doubts such as “humiliation” and “causedness”, Du Yang responded that he did not feel ashamed. A knowledgeable person would have more possibilities in all walks of life, and what he wanted was only a transitional choice.
   Some people praised Du Yang’s bravery, and some people said that this is indeed a bit of overkill; some people lament the “35-year-old phenomenon”, and some people feel that it is difficult to get a job for English majors. What’s more, they took the opportunity to throw out the old-fashioned “study is useless” theory. … There is no such thing as “easy” in the adult world, and there is no humiliating and talented career in the eyes of everyone who works hard. “A motorcycle driver is not ashamed. It is more wasteful to stay at home and do nothing. Isn’t it more wasteful?” Unpretentious language reveals optimism, open-mindedness and tenacity.
   Knowledge never deceives people, and reading is never wasted. In fact, Du Yang’s filming of videos used this “transitional period” to breathe and relax, in order to get out of the current stage of confusion. He said frankly that shooting short videos is a way to publicize himself. This kind of publicity is reasonable and legal and should not be regarded as hype. In the future, he hopes to achieve self-worth, such as deepening into the short video field.
   Life is not only “dust of the times”, there are more possibilities and hopes. Regardless of whether you have a prestigious school degree or your age, as long as you love life, embrace life, not be pessimistic, not discouraged, and rely on your hands and brain to work hard, you will win the recognition and respect of the society. Everyone who works hard to live is not too bad luck.