Notting Hill

  Notting Hill is not a mountain, but a street. It is located in the northwest corner of Hyde Park in the West End of London. Because of its high terrain, it is named “mountain”.
  Richard Curtis, the screenwriter of the movie “Notting Hill” once described Notting Hill: An ideal place for people from different worlds to meet and coexist.” When you
  walk into Notting Hill, you can see candy-colored buildings. The gorgeous Victorian townhouses stand on the side of the street, exuding a sweet atmosphere in the warm sunshine; Strolling on the cobblestone road, perhaps the next corner, or the opening of a small colored wooden door, you can have adventures. This is also the script for the beginning of romantic love in the movie “Notting Hill”. The movie made this street famous and attracted countless tourists. People hope to have a beautiful encounter on this exotic street like the hero and heroine.
  Today, the most attractive thing about Notting Hill is the market every weekend. Under the sweet and magnificent artistic building, different shops are collecting fireworks on the earth, and all kinds of small vendors are neatly lined on both sides of the street: clothing, jewelry, porcelain, food, flowers… Different styles, everything you can Here you can taste the flavor snacks of different countries. In particular, Notting Hill Market is a gathering place for various antique shops, which is loved by many senior antiques. Temporary display cabinets on the street are equipped with various medals of World War I and World War II, old military uniforms and old letters of Chengtu; in the small shop, there are novels written by Jane Austen in 1817… You only need to slow down here to have a conversation with the dusty history. In addition, you can also enjoy the artworks created by the artist with natural colors: flowers of various colors, fresh and full fruits, red, green, yellow, purple… cluster after cluster, basket after basket , In the soft sunlight with bright color saturation to show the vitality of the market.
  The immigrant culture of Notting Hill also gave birth to the famous Notting Hill Carnival. Carnival originated in 1964. At that time, West Indies immigrants who lived here organized this festival because of their homesickness. At first, only a small group of people dressed in national costumes and beat steel drums to celebrate in the street. A few decades later, Carnival has developed into a grand multicultural festival and London’s hottest tourism project. It is also the largest street culture and art festival in Europe, second only to the Rio de Janeiro Carnival in Brazil.
  The Notting Hill Carnival is held on the last weekend at the end of August each year, with the theme of African and Caribbean culture. At that time, people dressed in costumes, painted faces, dressed as fairies, demons, and clowns, surrounded by beautiful floats, rushed to the streets enthusiastically, the spacious streets were instantly crowded, and the entire Notting Hill became A sea of ​​joy.
  In addition to “Notting Hill”, there are many movies and TV series are shot here, if you go to Notting Hill in the sun, maybe the next romantic encounter, you will meet you.