Neighbor’s window

   Prying into the privacy of others is disgraceful, but fascinating. An ordinary middle-aged couple living in a big city is exhausted by three meals a day and the child’s excrement and urine. They accidentally discovered that a newly married couple had moved in in the opposite building. The latter are often you and I, passionate, and their windows are uncovered. The middle-aged couple involuntarily wanted to take a peek at the opposite window from time to time, and even pulled out a telescope that had not been used for a long time. This is the plot in the best live-action short film “Neighbor’s Window” at the 92nd Academy Awards.
   After a while, the middle-aged couple found that the husband on the opposite side looked pale and seemed to disappear for a while. After a while, the wife found that the husband opposite had shaved his hair and was bedridden. As night fell, when the lights of Wanjia were lit, the wife saw the death of the husband opposite, and the funeral van stopped downstairs. She came to the opposite building. Unexpectedly, the young woman on the opposite side recognized her and asked if she lived in the opposite building. The young woman and her recently passed-up husband often looked at the family of five in the opposite building and felt that there were three children in this family. Very cute. They also wanted children…Speaking of which, the two wives embraced each other speechlessly. “The Neighbor’s Window” tells a kind of reverse “siege”-when you are jealous of other people’s lives, others are also envious of your life. At that moment, you became me and I became you.
   To be honest, in today’s cities, almost no one cares about what is happening in other people’s homes. Even a family living under the same roof, most of them “swipe the screen” with their mobile phones. And during the Spring Festival holiday (2020 Spring Festival) just past, mobile phones seem to suddenly become windows to other people’s homes. Through mobile phones, what we see is not the opposite building, but the tens of thousands of households in another city-sighing, insulting, asking for help online, donating, rushing to help, dancing in illness, banging gongs on the balcony, Those who are on duty in the snow, sleeping in the garage, live-streaming chicken thighs… See all living beings, see the world, and also see themselves.
   The British poet John Donne said: “No one is an island and can be self-sufficient. Everyone is a piece of the continent.” Empathy probably belongs not only to humans, but also the ability shared by advanced mammals. However, “Do not do to others what you do not want to do” is undoubtedly the great achievement of the “Axis Age” of mankind. The same is the same, and then there is the same kind, but it cannot be reversed. Two people looking at each other through the window, only when they come together do they realize that they are of the same kind. Staring can’t replace embracing each other. Some people say that the world is not worthwhile; some people say that it is worthwhile for the world.
   If there is no empathy, even if you travel around the world, you will not see people, but only your tools, means, costs and obstacles; if you have empathy, even if all the windows in the world are blocked, You can also see alive people. When you look at others, what you see is yourself. The neighbor’s window is one’s own window.