Islanding effect

  Located in southern Australia, Tasmania used to have a true “lost civilization”, where people (indigenous Tasmania) were isolated from the world for 8,000 years. But they have taken a completely different path from the outside world. If the more and more advanced civilization outside is called “evolution”, then they are “degradation” in the true sense, and now mainstream science is also described as degradation. them.
  About 34,000 years ago, the earliest Homo sapiens came here with the most advanced Paleolithic technology at the time, but in the last 8,000 years, they gave up almost all technologies and returned to primitive society. When Europeans arrived here in the 19th century, they found that they were living in the most primitive society.
  Why would their civilization regress?
  How did the indigenous Tasmanian people get here?
  Tasmania is about the size of two Taiwanese islands. Although it is only 200 kilometers away from Australia (separated by a Bass Strait), it is difficult for primitive Homo sapiens to cross.
  However, when the recent ice age (about 40,000 years ago) arrived, sea levels began to drop, and primitive Homo sapiens was also an adventurous species. They came to Tasmania from Australia across the Bass Strait. Some studies have shown that the first immigrants from Tasmania arrived here 34,000 years ago.
  Because of the connection to Australia, the Tasmanian Homo sapiens at that time had contacts with Australia.
  However, about 16,000 years ago, the ice began to recede and the sea level gradually rose by about 120 meters. By 8,000 years ago, Tasmanian natives began to truly isolate themselves.
  Just how backward
  now Tasmania often called the “end of the world”, the scenery is a good tourist destination, the island is home to over 50 million people, but no one is really positive Tasmanian Aboriginal It can be said that this nation has disappeared, and the last Tasmanian of pure blood died in 1905.
  In the 19th century, European colonists began to expand everywhere. They discovered this island. It is hard for Europeans to imagine that these people are really too backward.
  The first thing to be sure is that Tasmanians are Homo sapiens like us. But Tasmanians almost don’t wear clothes anymore. Even in the cold winter, they are covered in animal skins and some animal fat. You must know that they migrated during the ice age, so they would have clothes. of.
  Because they didn’t need to make clothes, they lost the “bone product technology”. After the Europeans arrived, they found that they did not have hooks, harpoons, spicules, etc. made of animal bones, which are the most basic Homo sapiens tools. In addition, there are no hunting tools, such as spear throwers, nets, boomerangs, etc.
  Why do Tasmanians “degenerate”
  Tasmanians only have the most basic and simple tools, so they are very primitive. The Tasmanians did not give up using fire, but they did not even know about fishing.
  Inferred from the time of tool abandonment, Tasmanians gave up fishing about 3800 years ago, and when Europeans gave them fish, they were afraid of this fishy high-quality protein.
  In addition, one of their main food is seals, and seals are often surrounded by fish schools. They bypass the fish schools to hunt the seals.
  Because of this, some scholars infer that an important reason for the degradation of Tasmanians is a change in beliefs. They think that eating fish may bring misfortune, so they urge everyone not to eat fish.
  The same is true for other skills and technologies. At a certain moment they suddenly felt that these things were unnecessary, but there is also a mainstream explanation, that is, the population base is too small to maintain advanced technologies and skills.