Improper response to the epidemic caused more than 600,000 deaths or criminal charges against the Brazilian President of the new crown

the Brazilian Senate Epidemic Investigation Committee discussed a report suggesting criminal charges against President Jair Bolsonaro. Bolsonaro is accused of poor performance in responding to the new crown pneumonia epidemic, making Brazil the second highest number of deaths in the world.

According to the Associated Press, the latest draft of the report of the Commission of Inquiry showed that it recommended 11 charges against Bolsonaro, including quack fraud, incitement to murder and genocide. Analysts pointed out that it is not yet clear whether these recommendations will enable Bolsonaro to be prosecuted.

According to the report, critics condemned Bolsonaro for forcing down the severity of the new crown epidemic, ignoring the epidemic prevention requirements of international health guidelines, including wearing masks, and spreading unproven treatments for new crown pneumonia and delaying vaccine procurement. These actions have caused dissatisfaction from many parties. The Senate established a committee in April to investigate allegations that the Bolsonaro epidemic caused more than 600,000 deaths in Brazil. However, Bolsonaro denied any wrongdoing and repeatedly condemned the investigation as a deliberate persecution against him.

It is reported that the first draft of this nearly 1,200-page report was written by Renan Calheiros, the head of the special report of the investigation committee, and the final version is scheduled to be submitted to the investigation committee on the 20th. The report needs to be approved before it can be sent to the Brazilian Attorney General’s Office. The Attorney General will decide whether to proceed with the investigation and whether to raise charges.

According to the report, no matter what the final report includes, and whether or not the Attorney General will take action, these allegations are expected to intensify criticism of Bolsonaro. Before running for re-election in 2022, his approval ratings have fallen sharply.

The current draft of the investigation report concluded that under the influence of a group of unofficial consultants, the government “deliberately exposed the public to the risk of large-scale infection.” Although many experts say that herd immunity is not a viable method, these consultants still advocate. In addition, during the worst period of the epidemic, Bolsonaro still firmly opposed the prevention measures to maintain social distancing. He also believed that the anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine was effective in the treatment of new coronary pneumonia, although scientists believed that this method was ineffective.