Face up to one’s shortcomings

  Xiao Lin is a highly talented student from a key school, majoring in marketing. After several twists and turns, he successfully got an interview opportunity with a well-known foreign company.
  The interview is divided into two rounds, the first round is the one-sided company personnel, the second round is the group of department leaders. Because of the full internship experience, Xiao Lin is full of confidence in himself. There were nearly 20 people who participated in the first meeting that day, and in the end only five people passed. Xiao Lin was one of those five people.
  There is only one vacancy in the company, and the second round of competition is even more fierce. Xiao Lin and the other four people were arranged in a large conference room. After the chief interviewer gave a topic, the five of them had a group discussion. Xiao Lin was once the main force in the college debate competition when he was in college. During the whole discussion, he was sharp in his words and stole the limelight. After the interview, Xiao Lin was very happy when he walked out of the foreign company. He felt that this job was already at his fingertips.
  Like most companies, the interviewer informs them that they will inform the results within a week. However, on the last day, Xiao Lin still did not receive a call. At first, self-confidence gradually became a kind of uncertainty, and finally a kind of disbelief. Xiao Lin dialed the number for the interview with the company, and the company personnel told him clearly that after consideration, the company was going to hire another person.
  A huge blow hit his face, and Xiao Lin stayed at home and depressed all day.
  Early the next morning, Xiao Lin went to the office building of that company again wearing the work clothes he used for the interview. After waiting for nearly half an hour, the chief interviewer, the marketing director, appeared. Xiao Lin walked up to greet him quickly and greeted the director. The director was taken aback when he saw him, and then greeted him politely.
  ”Hello Director, I am Xiao Lin who came for an interview two days ago. I am here to ask you for advice. Where are the questions in my last interview? I want to know the reason for my failure.” Xiao Lin told the director again. I introduced myself and said sincerely.
  The director looked at the young man in front of him for a while, thought about it for a while, and said: “I have a deep impression of you. We did not hire you, not because you are not professional enough, but because we have better choices. Of course, still One thing is that we need people who can solve problems, not people who can overwhelm others in language.”
  ”Thank you, Director, I understand.” The Director’s words were clever and focused, and Xiao Lin finally understood his problem. In order to avoid affecting the director’s work, Xiao Lin expressed his gratitude and left politely, and his heart gradually returned to peace.
  In the afternoon, Xiao Lin’s cell phone rang suddenly. It was an unfamiliar phone. After Xiao Lin pressed the connect button, what he heard was the director’s voice: “Xiao Lin, we reopened the meeting at noon. If you tell you to come to work now, will you agree?” Xiao Lin calmly Suddenly, countless ripples
  appeared in Xiao Lin ‘s heart. The sudden news made him excited. He slowly replied, “Yes , yes !” In the end, Xiao Lin got the only chance. Later, the director told him that he had interviewed countless job applicants, but Xiao Lin was the first to come here to find his own reasons. In fact, what companies need are not people who have no shortcomings, but those who dare to face their shortcomings and work hard to correct them. This attitude can go further.