Domestic violence has increased sharply since the epidemic. Victims of domestic violence in Australia can apply for an “escape fee”

The number of victims of domestic violence in Australia has increased sharply since the outbreak of the new crown epidemic. The federal government has opened an application channel for “escape from violence” fees on the 19th to help these people get rid of their violent partners.

According to CNN, the escaping violence fee is 5,000 Australian dollars (approximately 24,000 yuan) per person, including cash and tuition. United Care Australia is responsible for accepting applications, saying that it had received calls and short messages asking how to apply before the channel was opened.

The escaping from violence fee application channel is open to all genders, but it is expected that women will make up the majority of applicants. According to Australian government data, a woman is killed by her partner every 9 days across the country.

In recent years, the Australian Federal Government has tried to use a series of programs to eliminate persistent domestic violence, but the results have been minimal, and the incidence of domestic violence has remained high.

Some old views are hard to shake. A 2018 survey found that one in five Australians believes that domestic violence is “a normal response to daily stress and frustration”.

Another study found that Aboriginal women in Australia are more likely to experience violence than non-indigenous women. The former is 11 times more likely to die of abuse than the latter.

According to official Australian data, two-thirds of women who were subjected to physical or sexual violence by their current or former partners during the COVID-19 pandemic said that violence began or intensified during this public health crisis.

The “cities closure” triggered by the epidemic prevented many women from ending their tortured relationships. Although the government is currently relaxing restrictions on epidemic prevention, rising rents have made it harder for women to leave their violent partners.

In addition, the income gap between men and women in Australia has widened due to the epidemic, and there are more unemployed women than men.

The federal government issued a one-off fee of 5,000 Australian dollars to escape violence, which may help women get rid of violence to some extent, but women need more money if they want to live a stable life.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions found in 2017 that the “cost” for women to get rid of a violent partner was 18,000 Australian dollars (86,000 yuan), including attorney fees and settlement fees. This fee may be higher this year.