Calm down half an hour in advance

  ”Remember, as an organizer, it is best to arrive at the scene half an hour before each meeting!” Director Duan said to me.
  ”No need? Isn’t it too early?” I looked puzzled.
  ”Half an hour is not much for the office director at all, because I have to arrive at the venue early and check the preparations. Once there is a gap, there is plenty of time to remedy it!”
  ”I understand.”
  This is the head of the office with me many years ago . A conversation. Time has changed, Director Duan and I went to our own separate things, but his style of work has always been in my heart, and it has become a guide for my future study and life.
  I remember the first time I was an office director, preparing meetings, organizing events, supervising work, answering phone calls, writing speeches…every piece of work was like the dull air coming from the shop floor, which pressed me out of breath. It was often this. The thing was not finished, it came again, and every day was so busy. Fortunately, I have developed the habit of half an hour in advance, prioritizing, and even in some special situations, I can face it calmly. For example, there was a meeting when the meeting materials were not printed out and distributed. When the leader found out, his face was ugly and furious. I am silent as a chill, and my heart is like a fire. It’s really a matter of care and loss of the other.
  I hurriedly contacted the printing room and asked the printing room to do everything possible to print and send it as soon as possible. The watch ticked me, I really hope it will go slower and slower. At that time, it was the hardest time in my life. Obviously, his heart is very urgent, but it is not easy to show it. Fortunately, in less than half an hour, the meeting materials were finally rushed out. I was relieved. When I looked at the time, it was five minutes before the formal meeting. I was scared into a cold sweat. I am deeply grateful that I have developed the habit of half an hour ahead of schedule. !
  There are more events planned, and I slowly summarized some successful methods. The first one is half an hour in advance. Without fighting unprepared battles, and with this half an hour of maneuvering time, occasional mistakes will not affect the normal holding of the event.
  Today, I have long since left the post of office director, but the habit of half an hour in advance has deepened into my bones.
  A writer said: “Some people think that a big change in life must be a big adjustment. In fact, it’s not necessarily true. It’s just because I advanced five minutes. The reason why these five minutes are so critical is the issue of initiative.” As far as I am concerned, it is half an hour ahead of schedule, and the time is relaxed. I firmly control the time and become more proactive and calm than “five minutes”.
  Half an hour in advance, it seems to be ample, but it is not. After all, it is a good life habit and a kind of wisdom in life that has enough time to check the missing and fill the vacancies and deal with accidents scientifically.