You don’t have to rush to be exquisite

  I am a very “rough” person, so I have a natural admiration for those delicate skills that belong only to women. What really made me put down my yearning for exquisite life was a girl who was rougher and more primitive than me. She is a student of the College of Biological Sciences, and her attire has remained the same for 4 years. She has jeans and a fitted top, and winter trousers and shoes are wrapped into a ball. But it was such a girl who seemed to have nothing to do with exquisiteness. The experimental data was meticulously recorded, and the sequence of operations was never different.
  The most impressive time was at the academic seminar. The etiquette ladies are all in cheongsam, with light smiles and delicate makeup. Compared with them, she looks too “female”-the down jacket is over the knee, the low figure is made shorter, and she wears a pair of heavy snow boots. Before the meeting began, she curled up in the corner, staring at the crowd in the venue with blank eyes.
  However, everything changed after she took the stage. She went from a bewildered guest to an orator scolding Fang Qiu. Her originally gloomy face was slightly illuminated by her language, gestures, expression, and temperament. She became the most eye-catching one among a group of beautiful women who were so beautiful. The best thing about young people is their arrogance. Because they have nothing, they are fearless and brazen in their gray youth.
  A truly cutting-edge person in the industry is not all a person with luxurious clothes and exquisite life. The appearance of Yuan Longping standing by the rice field with his sleeves rolled up was printed on the textbook; Ma Yun’s wrinkled face had a child-like clear and innocent look. They rushed on a better road, and didn’t care too much about whether their posture was beautiful enough or whether they walked too quickly.
  An uncle who was close to his father was in a good family when he was young. In response to the call to support the construction of the western region, he went to Yili to support education alone. But it was this middle-aged man who took the initiative to say goodbye to his affectionate life and created a miracle with his own hands. The year he first arrived in Ili, the autonomous region temporarily adjusted the scope of the college entrance examination for physics. When the policy was passed to the school, it was already April, and the students were in a commotion. He stood steadily on the podium and said loudly: “There is still time, I will make up, what to panic.” The students of that class, in a small closed city, had an average score far surpassing the children of key schools.
  After 8 years, he became the principal and began to build a new school building. A man who doesn’t know anything about the floor material of his home will negotiate with workers over and over again for a stronger window glass, disassemble and reinstall, install and then dismantle. He explained shyly: “The wind is so strong here that you can’t let it blow off and hit the students.” For 23 years, this middle-aged man, who was so reckless that he couldn’t even comb his hair, used intensive cultivation to sow in the desolate west. Seeds of hope.
  So, you, in your twenties, don’t really need to rush to be exquisite. Think about five or six years later, when you enter this society, what kind of ability will keep you from falling? Which ability can make you invincible? What kind of ability can shut up those who despise you? What kind of ability can save you from snorting? These are what you need to accumulate.

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