When we are overwhelmed by life

  What is the guide in your life? Before the age of 25, many people are busy catching up, imitating, filling, filling themselves into a certain ideal self, but there will always be a certain time when you stop, spin around in the vortex of life, and ask yourself: “Guide What am I going for?”
  Every youth who loves literature seems to have been implanted with a concept very early: to live a life with literature as the highest ideal. When we encounter life’s troubles, we always tell ourselves those words—as Kafka said, “You can’t cope with life while you’re alive. Desperate. At the same time, use the other hand to write down everything you see in the ruins.” This seems to be a consensus on the highest program of life, but it is obviously not enough. The answers provided by thinkers are far from enough, and there are many bad ideas. In fact, they are asking the same questions more often, and then show how they are confused by those questions. Except for writing, their way of dealing with pain is no better than any ordinary person.
  When Raymond Carver experienced his first marriage, his writing career did not improve. In order to support his family and two children, he had to engage in a lot of manual labor. He complained that life overwhelmed him. He claimed that if it were not for these children, he would not fall into poverty and alcoholism. What made him more painful was that he finally found in his children the refraction of his own inferiority, such as seeing his daughter drinking like him and causing alcoholism, which made him desperate.
  I often complain that many troubles in life form a wheel that rolls day and night, constantly crushing my fragile heart. Whenever I want to calm down, read a little book, write a better manuscript, or try to fix it. Family relationships, those troubles began to buzz. I’m always thinking about how to live a better life, but always keep going.
  In interviews, I always encounter life experiences that are completely different from mine. Thanks to this kind of work, I see many different approaches. In a dilapidated building that was unfinished for 20 years, I saw myself building a garden in 20 years and working to build a spiritual garden among the neighbors whose public management failed. The interesting thing is that these retired old people have their own lives. Hobbyists always seem to be more peaceful than others when dealing with the same dilemma (such as a hopeless lawsuit).
  I also gradually realized that it’s important to find some small grasping hands that you really love in life, such as: planting flowers, tai chi, dancing, any kind of things that can bring small things in addition to the lofty goal of achieving life’s consummation. A hobby of pleasure and fulfillment. It will bring you more dimensions to evaluate yourself. When the goal of life is too ambitious, the current life is easy to appear sluggish, without change and improvement.
  Try to love life itself. Few people have noticed that Raymond himself is a very interesting person. He loves fishing fanatically. When his financial ability improves slightly and he does not need to do physical work anymore, he enters a life of entangled all day long whether he is going to write or go fishing today. After catching the fish, he always likes to make salted fish and send it to his friends, so his friends often receive the salted fish wrapped in a stiff package like a book. At the end of his life, in addition to writing fast, he still arranged a fishing trip (but eventually did not make the trip due to the deterioration of his condition).
  Adjusting your emotions and thinking about “living” better is probably the single most difficult and longest thing. By the way, the Chinese translation of the biography of Carver is called “When We Are Overwhelmed by Life”.

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