The global “recruitment” is different

  The military service systems of countries around the world are roughly divided into three categories: compulsory military service, voluntary military service, and mixed military service. For example, the Israel Defense Forces is one of the few armed forces in the world that implements compulsory military service on women. Switzerland’s “all-people-for-all” conscription system is an important defense force that serves its diplomatic propositions.
  Recently, the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress reviewed and approved the newly revised “Military Service Law of the People’s Republic of China”, which came into effect on October 1 this year. In the new law, my country’s military service system has been adjusted from “combinational soldiers and volunteers, militia and reserve” to a military service system that “combines voluntary and compulsory military service with voluntary military service as the main body”, highlighting the dominant position of the voluntary military service system.
   Throughout the world, the military service systems of various countries are roughly divided into three categories: compulsory military service, voluntary military service, and mixed military service.
  South Korea: military service obligations of citizens within a certain age, must fulfill a certain period of
   compulsory military service is a national institution requires its citizens must fulfill certain period of military service obligations within a certain age, the soldiers after the completion of the service is classified as a reserve.
   South Korea is one of the few developed countries in the world that still implements compulsory military service. The Constitution of the Republic of Korea stipulates that all Korean men who meet the requirements must enter the military for approximately 20 months between the ages of 18 and 28, and women can join the military voluntarily. Different types of arms have different service hours. Among them, the army or the Marine Corps served for 18 months, the Navy served for 20 months, and the Air Force served the longest time at 21 months.
   In South Korea, people sneer at those who evade military service. In Seoul, it is difficult for people without military service to find a decent job.
  Israel: Women must serve in the army
   IDF is one of the few in the world, one of the army of compulsory military service for women.
   In Israel, all young people over the age of 18, except for religious, ethnic, and physical reasons, must enter the army for training, regardless of whether they are men or women. Men serve for two and a half years and women serve for two years.
   In reality, some Israeli women are willing to perform military service. For example, Israeli actress Gail Gadot, she won the “Miss Israel” beauty pageant before joining the army. After enlisting in the army, she helped the Wehrmacht shoot commercials and became a combat commander because of her outstanding performance.
   In 2016, Gale said in an interview: “Serving is part of the Israelis, and we want to give back to the motherland. Although we have lost freedom for a period of time, we have learned discipline and respect.” It can be seen that some Israelis will be because of this. Be proud and proud of serving in the military.
   However, in recent years, the size of the Israel Defense Forces has continued to shrink: one is because of the large defense expenditures, and the country wants to reduce the number of troops; the other is because of ethnic and religious issues. It is worth mentioning that ultra-Orthodox Jews and Arabs are not required to serve in Israel.
  Switzerland: “All the people are soldiers” The
   Swiss army has maintained a “permanent neutral” attitude since the end of the Napoleonic Wars, and the “all people are soldiers” conscription system is an important defensive force that serves its diplomatic propositions.
   Switzerland implements a compulsory military service system for all healthy male citizens. Young men who have reached the age of 19 must register and undergo a physical examination at the nearest conscription office. Those who pass the age will join the army at the age of 20, while women will voluntarily choose to join the army. After passing the medical examination, they can choose the way of military service: one is to train for several weeks every two years until they are 34 years old; the other is to serve for 245 days at a time.
   In addition to bringing a sense of stability to conscription, there are other considerations. Switzerland is a federation of 26 highly autonomous cantons with four language regions-German, French, Italian and Roman. Recruitment brings together young people from different backgrounds and can promote personal and social development.
  UK: There are many benefits of voluntary military service
   voluntary military service, also known as the volunteer force, refers to an individual enlistment contract, and in accordance with the requirements of the contract term of active service, and the troops paying wages and other benefits.
   Volunteer military service is more common in developed countries, because good welfare can attract people to join the army.
  Take the United Kingdom as an example. British people between the ages of 18 and 43 can apply for military service voluntarily, and the age of military officers will be relaxed to 50. Those who want to join the army can log on to the official website of the British Ministry of Defence and choose whether they want to be a soldier or an officer. If you want to become a soldier, after submitting the application form, the applicant will be contacted by a local recruiter to go to the local employment center to answer questions and formulate a personal career development plan. Then, the local evaluation center will evaluate the applicant. The evaluation content includes four aspects: physical examination, physical and mental test, teamwork, and career development prospect discussion. After the evaluation is completed, a background check will be conducted on the applicant, and the contract can be signed if all qualified. The shortest contract period is 6 months and the longest is 22 years.
   If you want to be a military officer, the applicant must conduct an interview after filling out the application form. After passing the interview, the applicant will participate in the examination organized by the Officer Selection Committee. The exam content is divided into two parts: The first part is to assess physical fitness and fighting skills, and then learn military skills; the second part is to apply the military skills learned in the first part to practice. After passing the exam, the applicant can enter the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst to learn how to become a good officer.
   The official website of the British Ministry of Defence also lists the many benefits of being a soldier. For example, you can learn military skills, receive wages, and be exempt from taxes.
   However, until last year, the number of the British army continued to decline. This is because the placement of veterans is a difficult problem to solve.
  Russia: implementation of military service mix
   mixed military service is compulsory military service voluntary military service and a combination of both can have a lot of troops, but also reserved some of the soldiers and officers of high quality.
  Russia implements a mixed military service system. According to the Law of the Russian Federation on Military Service Obligations and Military Service, all male citizens of the appropriate age between 18 and 27 in Russia, unless they have physical disabilities or special diseases, must join the Russian army in accordance with the law and have served at least one year of military service. At the same time, those who meet the application requirements can apply for contract military service.
  Russia has also legislated that those who escape from military service without a reason will be fined 200,000 rubles (approximately RMB 18,000) or sentenced to two years in prison. In addition, the military committees of various regions announced to the society the list of deserters through the local media, putting them under the pressure of discredit.
  In April 2019, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that the traditional compulsory military service system will be completely abolished in the next few years, and Russia will have a fully contracted and professional army.