The beautiful life of Christine Barensky

  The trailer for the fifth season of “War of the Proud” was officially released recently.
  The character Diane in the play is the most admired woman by the audience. She is powerful, free, and principled. She is so vigorous and elegant every time she appears, like a queen.

  Rolled his eyes with a sense of disdain for the world, and dared to directly raise the middle finger to those who hate her, perhaps because there are too many people who like her. After 7 years of supporting roles in “The Good Wife”, he finally got a spin. Became the protagonist in the play “War of the Proud”. At the beginning of the first season, he announced that he was going to retire and enjoy his life, and he was optimistic about a large manor.

  As a result, he was involved in the Ponzi scheme. The millions of pensions were all in vain, and he wanted to return to the workplace but was rejected by his former colleagues. When I was in my 60s, I was facing bankruptcy, unemployment, and divorce, and my life fell back to the starting point. This kind of shock is terrible just thinking about it.

  Compared with Alicia in “The Good Wife”, Diane is truly alone. Her turnaround has nothing to do with men. She is the true heroine based on her own ability.
  It is said that the play is like life, Diane in the play is so powerful, she is also very powerful in reality, Diane’s confidence and tenacity are actually carved into the bones of the actors.

  The actress who plays Diane is Christine Baranski, who was born on May 2, 1952 in Buffalo, New York, and is 69 years old this year. She is of Polish origin. She has performed in the Polish Theater in Buffalo since her grandparents, and her family has an artistic touch.

  Barensky’s initial goal was not Hollywood. Her voice was very magnetic and she was admitted to the Juilliard School of Music. Everyone knows Julia, the world’s top music schools, Yo-Yo Ma and Sarah Brightman are all alumni.
  In Julia, Barensky is the most diligent and poorest student in the class. At the age of 19, she got her first $1,000 scholarship in her life. She used the money to travel to Europe, staying in the cheapest hotel in Paris, and spent two months in Europe alone.
  Barensky didn’t look good when she was young, her facial lines were hard, her facial features were not refined, and even she herself said: I’m not pretty. But she really worked hard. After graduating from Julia, she has been mixing the opera troupe, and finally broke into Broadway and won two Tony Awards for Best Actress.

  After all, Broadway is niche, and Barensky slowly became known to the public until he entered the film and television industry.
  In the Gothic comedy movie “The Values ​​of the Adams Family” in the 1990s, she played a pure second-hand, who looked like Karen Mok in “The God of Cookery”, and when she arrived in “Chicago”, she looked a little bit moldy, “Mamma Mia.” “The scene with Aunt Mei, the contrast with Diane is so great that I almost didn’t recognize it.
  And Leonard’s psychologist mother in “The Big Bang Theory” can’t get close to her son at all, and her body is stiff after a hug. I was drunk and gave Xie Er a kiss. I wanted to ask Xie Er, what did it feel like to be kissed by a good friend’s mother?

  Did you find it? Except for “War of the Proud”, Barensky has played supporting roles all her life. She was nominated for the Golden Globe twice and nominated for the Emmy 14 times, but she won only once in 1995. Even she herself said: I often sit At the awards ceremony, watching the best female partner flower go to another home. Despite this, she did not give up her career but became more and more frustrated.
  Unlike Diane in the play, Barensky has a husband who is very supportive of her. Her husband’s name is Matthew Cowles, who is 8 years older than her. He is also an actress. He is from a very good family. His ancestors opened a publishing house and a bank.
  Don’t look at his mediocre appearance later, he was also a small piece of meat when he was young.

  In an interview with The New York Times in 2011, Barensky revealed that the two met when they played an Ibsen drama on Long Island, New York. One night, he asked me if I would take his motorcycle back. Home, so the relationship began.
  Barensky’s first impression was that Cowles was an unkempt guy, very exotic, and later learned that he was from an old money family in Connecticut.

  In 1983, the 31-year-old Barensky married Cowles, and the two moved to Cowles’ hometown of Connecticut. The house was not very luxurious and even looked a bit like a farmhouse. But Barensky likes it very much, she said there are old houses, barns and rolling hills. Cowles is a devout Catholic. He wears a black motorcycle leather jacket and goes to Mass with the little old ladies every day.
  He always avoids the spotlight. Only in a rare interview in 2013, he talked about his wife endlessly, with pink bubbles in his words: Barensky played “The Good Wife” and it was great! My goodness, my wife is a good actress, and she has beautiful children!

  Well, the daughters are really beautiful. The eldest daughter Lily graduated from Oxford University and is now an actor; the younger daughter Isabel is a law student and is now a lawyer.
  Such an idyllic life lasts for 30 years, which is very rare in Hollywood circles. But no one thought that Cowles died suddenly in 2014, only 69 years old, the cause of death was congestive heart failure.
  Barensky was filming “The Good Wife” at the time and couldn’t stop working. It was too difficult for her during that time. She said: The death of a lover is not only sad. I have been together for more than 30 years, sitting together drinking coffee and talking every morning, and suddenly one day, no one is sitting next to me. The feeling is confusing.
  After his death, Barensky will still give him a happy event on ins. Many years later, she said in an interview: Cowles is a very kind and life-loving person, and he is very loyal to our marriage. I was lucky to meet him.

  Life has to go on. Just like the line in “War of the Proud” that teaches people how to face downturns: Although it is difficult, it will pass. Get down to work, work is your best friend.
  Over the years, Barensky worked non-stop, just like Diane in the play.
  From “The Proud Wife” to “The War of Proud Wife”, she played the heroine for the first time, and even she herself said: I am in my 60s before I have reached the pinnacle of my career.
  Time has left a strong aura on her body, which looks better than when she was young.
  Variety of bobs, hair volume is enviable.
  The figure is well maintained, and I can’t tell that I’m going to be 70 years old.
  Fashion blockbusters come in handy, with a lot of demeanor.
  The daily clothes are also very good. Everyone hopes to live like this at the age of 70.
  Even if they take public transportation, they are all unusual subway phones for elderly people.
  There is a line from Diane in “War of the Proud”, to the effect that even if the whole world is crazy, I have to keep my small universe running normally.
  Why are Barensky and Diane in the play so charming? Because they are always emotionally stable, even in the worst situation, they can be wise and calm, and not chaos in the face of danger.
  Barensky once said: “The older I get, the more I try not to waste time on negative energy.”

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