Simple beauty

  On the weekend, I met a college classmate on the street, and she asked me to go shopping for clothes. For me, buying clothes is a very easy task. I don’t need to go shopping or choose seriously. So after we entered the clothing market and only walked for two or three minutes, I took a fancy to a piece of clothing and tried it. Feeling that the quality and price are quite good, I bought it. The classmate asked me in surprise: “I bought it so soon? Don’t you consider the matching of bags or shoes? Maybe there are better ones in it!” “Better ones won’t affect me wearing them!” I laughed She said, “In fact, have you noticed that even though we always think there will be better ones, but after a long walk, the last thing you buy is often the first piece of clothing that impresses you.” The classmate said that she did not understand. Pull me to continue shopping. I had to stay with her, but I told myself in my heart that I would never go to the market with her again.
  Lin Qingxuan said: “Walking around, always return to the original simplicity.” On the road of life, only by following simple rules can it be possible to avoid strayed into the road that hinders our maturity. Nowadays, whether it is interpersonal or family relations, or even entrance examinations, there is a trend of becoming more and more complicated. To deal with all these complicated things, the simplest method is often the most effective method. For example, no matter how many friends, as long as you maintain your sincere and trustworthy character, you can basically handle all interpersonal relationships; for example, the relationship between husband and wife becomes complicated due to issues such as real estate and income, but as long as you love each other and understand each other, you can often maintain it. Family harmony. Dealing with affairs with a simple attitude can not only get twice the result with half the effort, but also bring life into a bright rhythm.
  There is a fragment in “Don Quixote”. Sancho has a problem and can’t figure it out. Who was the first person in the world to turn somersaults? He asked his cousin, but his cousin couldn’t answer. He said that he would go home to read the book and do some research, and he would answer when he meets next time. A few days later, my cousin said to Sancho: “I searched a lot of books, but I didn’t find the answer.” Sancho smiled and said, “I already knew the answer. The first one in the world to turn somersault is the devil. Because he fell from the sky, he kept tumbling around and fell to hell.” Sancho’s answer is very simple, but it contains extremely simple wisdom. Many things in life, study, and work are very simple, you don’t need to spend a lot of effort to break your brain, life, love, and ideals are all like this. Many times, it’s like people who haven’t gone to school feel the same about math problems like “chicken and rabbit in the same cage”: open the cage and count? Why keep chickens and rabbits in a cage?
  Many times, people have walked too much, too far, and too hard, but they don’t realize that some roads don’t have to be taken at all. Some people see others walking, and they drive desperately, thinking that the farther they go, the closer they will be to heaven. But who knows that heaven is often where he originally started, and the journey he pursued is often simply There is no heaven.
  The fisherman only catches one fish a day, and that fish is just enough for his day’s expenses, and then he lie on the beach and enjoy the sun leisurely. A businessman hurriedly passed by the beach. He was going to board a boat to do business. He saw the fisherman basking in the sun and said, “Man, I think you should catch more fish, sell them, and wait until you have enough. After the money is paid, I will buy a boat, and then drive the boat to do business everywhere.” “And then?” the fisherman asked the merchant. “Then you can make a lot of money, and you can go to the beach every day to bask in the sun.” “Am I not basking in the sun?” the fisherman said, “The more important thing is to wait for me to do those things and make enough money. Maybe I There is no time to bask in the sun, just like you.”
  There are no complicated things in the world, only complicated hearts and endless desires. This is like a tree, with many branches when you look closely, countless leaves when you look closely, and countless cells when you look closely. In fact, it is just a tree. Give it soil and sunlight, and it can thrive.
  Simplicity is a positive, optimistic, and progressive attitude towards life. No matter how much a person’s accounting and calculations are, his destiny will not allow anyone to change at will. Greed must have great losses to eat, and generosity must have great blessings to enjoy. The simple essence is to learn to give up, give up money, reputation, status, emotions, sorrow and resentment. Get on the road with ease, spend more time watching the flowers bloom, watching the sun rise and sunset, this kind of life is simple, but rich. Only by following simple guidelines can we avoid the temptation and pollution of our souls from the outside world. Just like buying clothes, no matter whether there is better in it, I only choose the first heartbeat to be beautiful.