Money has its own secrets and laws

  A young man in his early 20s came to the Friend Psychological Counseling Office, who wanted to cure his bad habit of lacking self-discipline. The youth keeps saying that they want to change their behavior of being unable to save money and spending money uncontrollably, but attributed the reason to the social temptation to be too much and unable to self-discipline. He has repeatedly realized that if he spends money arbitrarily, he will be unable to make ends meet and become impoverished, but he has never formulated a reasonable money-saving plan for himself.
  He believes that he is always shopping in his mood for shopping, eating, and playing live broadcasts. He can’t control the rewards because of his lack of self-discipline, but even if he controls himself not to do these things, he still spends money like water. Therefore, the youth self-summarized: I was probably sick, such as personality disorder or something. He wanted the counselor to give him a dose of good medicine right away, and he would be cured after taking the medicine.
  A friend said: “After my diagnosis, he found that he was not ill, nor was he lack of self-discipline, but that his knowledge of money was almost zero. He only knew that he was unable to make ends meet, but did not realize that his habit of spending money had not been cultivated since he was a child. “It turns out that the young man has a very good family background, and his parents are responsive to him. After attending middle school, he would use as much money as his parents gave him. There is no concept of saving money. After college, his parents’ business failed and his family was unable to make ends meet, and his financial shortcomings were immediately exposed: he didn’t know how to spend money, didn’t know how to save money, and didn’t know how to make money, but he became a big spender. Money habits.
  Thanks to the hard work of his parents, he has excellent grades, outstanding talents, and outstanding abilities. He graduated from a prestigious school and had a decent job. He could have lived a good life, but because of bad habits of using money, no matter how much money he earns, it seems like a ghost. When the money arrives in the account, he will spend it cleanly. If he has money in his hand, he will treat guests to dinner. After graduation, he is still a “moonlight clan” for three years. Because he didn’t know money when he was young and didn’t know how to spend money when he grew up, his money luck was extremely poor, and colleagues with the same ability paid higher than him, which made him feel isolated from the world. He was very distressed and attributed everything to his low psychological quality, but he never thought: his problem is not lack of the ability to make money, but low financial quotient.
  I have a college classmate and it’s a pleasure to watch her spend money. When shopping together, I only had 30 yuan left, so I didn’t dare to use it after buying two bowls of noodles. After the meal, she asked me if I wanted to sing KTV. I shook my purse to express my shyness. She took out the card holder, shook it open, and handsomely dropped a long string of various coupons, discount cards, and VIP cards. She used one of the cards and took me to sing a night of KTV for only 10 yuan.
  In the two years when the WeChat business was the most popular, I often saw her collecting likes in the circle of friends, and she shared in the group, either the coupons that you can save by clicking on the coupons, or the discount cards for sending gifts. But everyone, including me, thought her family conditions were not good, and were more tolerant of her begging for praise.
  Until the Spring Festival one year, when I sent a New Year greeting on WeChat, I found she was eating seafood in a star hotel. I excitedly asked her: “Where did I get the coupon?” She said, “It’s not a coupon, I bought it. This year. Do a small business, you can get a bonus at the end of the year, and you can buy a meal for the customer.” A student who has not graduated from a university learns to do business, and a year later, he actually paid a dividend at the end of the year. If he hadn’t seen her spending money with his own eyes. , I don’t believe it at all.
  When I met again, she took the initiative to talk to me. She was the daughter of a businessman. She opened a shop at home when she was a child. Her mother would ask her to go to the nearby business district every morning to see what everyone was selling and what the price was. Summarize it to mother, mother will adjust her own business based on the information she brings back, and will tell her the analysis process. “I’ve always felt that earning money is very interesting and the process of earning money is also very interesting since I was a child. You are keen on shopping, and I’m keen on counting money. Our mood is the same, but the results are different.”
  I found out and grabbed it. Opportunities are mostly people who are not mindful but well versed in human nature; those who make money easily are mostly ignorant and fearless people. Why is this so? I didn’t understand the mystery until I saw this sentence in the parenting financial book “Puppy Money Money”: Money has its own secrets and laws. To understand these laws, the premise is that you must really have this desire.
  People who love money from the bottom of their hearts will not necessarily rack their brains to pay attention to the method of making money, but because they think making money is fun from the bottom of their hearts, they can always take the direction of money naturally.