“Flying Girl” Skye Brown

  In Oceanside, California, 57 kilometers north of San Diego, the setting sun reflects the hazy summer evening, and only a small figure is flying in the sky. She bent her knees, grabbed the tail of the skateboard, galloped down the giant ramp, and her light blonde hair from surfing was raised in the air.
  ”It’s so cool.” Skye Brown yelled after landing perfectly. This year, the world’s third-ranked skateboarder made his debut at the postponed Tokyo Olympics. On the day of the Skate Women’s Park, at the age of 13 years and 23 days, she surpassed Margery Hinton and became the youngest summer Olympic athlete in the history of the British team. At the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics, Hinton was 13 years and 44 days old when he participated in the swimming competition.
  When Brown took off again, her father Stewart and the local skateboarding enthusiasts both looked up at her and exclaimed, but she didn’t seem to realize that everyone’s eyes were focused on herself. In fact, when she was eight years old, people began to pay attention to this fearless girl. Skateboard legend Tony Hawke said: “She is one of the best female skaters ever, or one of the most comprehensive skateboarders including men.”
  Brown was born in Miyazaki Prefecture, Japan. His father Stewart is British and his mother Mieko is Japanese. She eventually chose the latter between the Japanese team and the British team. In this family, there is no “mummy agent”, and parents will not plan for their children or put pressure on them. Stewart, who is engaged in marketing, also loves skateboarding. He said: “If the road to skateboarding is not going well, we can do something else.” The
  first Olympic skateboarding qualifier was held in Long Beach, California in 2019. Ten years old. Just a week before the game, she fell off the skateboard and broke her arm. Stewart recalled the situation at the time: “We said,’Forget it this time’, but Skye said:’No, just fix it with a plaster, I can still slip.’ She did that, wrapped in a pink bandage. The cast fixed the broken arm.” She finally won the first place in the qualifiers.
  But not every time is so lucky. In May last year, Brown accidentally fell from the air while flying over a 4.5-meter-high ramp, landing his head on the ground, causing skull injuries, fractures of his left arm and left hand, and damage to the heart and lungs. The serious injury did not hinder her footsteps, and in just two months she picked up the skateboard again. Brown said: “This incident makes me more excited, I must work harder to train.” But for her parents, accepting the accident is not easy. Stewart said: “The accident Skye fainted and can’t remember, but I, my wife and even Skye’s nine-year-old brother Ochian are vividly visible. For a long time, my wife dared not look at Skye’s. Competition. Later she will watch some videos, but still dare not watch the live broadcast.” Brown sighed: “My parents don’t want me to skateboard all the time, but I just can’t stop. I need skateboarding, which is my favorite thing to do. There is only one life, and I have to do what I want to do.”

Brown in California

  During the game, Brown’s mentality is always very relaxed. “I’m not nervous, I’m very excited. We can finally show the world what skateboarding is like.” She said of the Tokyo Olympics. “I’m just enjoying it and want to play new tricks. I didn’t expect skateboarding to be one day. Appeared in the Olympics arena.”
| Street Sports |

  In 2016, four sports were officially designated as Olympic events, skateboarding is one of them, and the other three are surfing, rock climbing and karate. Skateboarding into the Olympics is a long journey. “In my opinion, skateboarding in the 1980s should be included in the Olympics.” Professional skater, Brown’s teacher Christian Hoso said, “Skateboarding was in the development stage at the time, and we were also working hard to explore the sport’s Core and soul. At that time, the style and philosophy of skateboarders were not accepted by the Olympics, and skateboarding was not part of the mainstream culture.”
  In the preliminaries of the skate park competition, 20 skaters competed for 8 finals. Five referees use a hundred-point system for scoring. The highest score and the lowest score are removed, and the remaining three scores are averaged into the final score. In the skateboard street competition, each contestant has 45 seconds to demonstrate 5 technical moves, and the referee uses a 10-point system for scoring.
  Lucy Adams, the head of the British skateboarding development and promotion project, explained: “Skateboarders are completely improvised during the competition, and do not need to tell the referees in advance like diving competitions. In skateboarding competitions, players choose their own technical moves and are free. Combinations. The referees score points from slide usage, action combinations, technical actions, continuity, style, speed, etc. ”
  Adams is a professional skateboarder who helped form the British skateboarding team. She hopes that skateboarders participating in the Olympics can show the world their “diligence and professionalism” and change people’s stereotype that skateboarding is a “punk sport”. Today, this once-controversial non-mainstream sport has become more diverse and inclusive. Adams said: “Now when you go to the skate park, you will see many people of different ages and backgrounds. In recent years, more and more women have also participated in this sport.” Unlike other Olympic events, skateboarding There is no lower age limit, which is why Brown can compete with adult female players on the same stage.

Brown participated in “Dancing with the Stars Youth Edition”.

Brown jumped up while skateboarding at the Venice Beach Skate Park.

In 2019, Brown hugged his mother after winning third place in the World Skateboarding Championships in Sao Paulo.

  Adams will never forget the first time he saw Brown, in a game in Bristol in 2017. They were both contestants, Adams ranked third, and then nine-year-old Brown ranked second. Then at the annual World Extreme Games, the 11-year-old Brown used her 1.35-meter thin body to complete a one-and-a-half-week turn in the air on a skateboard, becoming the first in the history of the event to complete a 540-degree outward turn. Female skateboarder. At the end of 2019, she won the bronze medal at the Sao Paulo World Championships, which consolidated her third place in the world.

  Adams commented on Brown’s skateboarding style: “She is unique, but such a thin body contains huge energy.” In addition to learning skills from famous skaters such as Hawthorne, Brown also spent a lot of time researching on YouTube. Action, while paying attention to other girls in the skateboarding circle, such as the 19-year-old Japanese park racer Yumee Oda, the 28-year-old Brazilian street contestant Leticia Bufoni, and the 13-year-old Brazilian street contestant Reza Lyle.
  Brown has never had a full-time coach, and Adams said this is part of the skateboarding culture. Are we going to call skateboarding training? She smiled and replied: “Of course not, we all said’Go play board’!”
| Dream, not only skateboarding |

  The participation history of young athletes can be traced back to the first modern Olympic Games. At the 1896 Athens Olympics, 10-year-old Dimitrios Lundras and his gymnastics team won the bronze medal for Greece. He is still the youngest Olympic athlete ever. In 1976, 14-year-old Romanian teenager Nadia Comaneci won three gold medals and was the first gymnast to get a perfect score at the Montreal Olympics. The little players deal with stress in different ways, and Brown chose to “integrate the people and things he loves into his life.”
  Brown can’t remember when she first came into contact with skateboarding, because she started skateboarding as a child. But her father remembered it very clearly: “When she was a child, she always liked to lie on the skateboard and slide around the kitchen.” In Japan, their family would go out on a skateboard because the skateboard was a kind of “transportation” in their eyes. . Stewart built a mini ramp in the backyard of his Japanese home. He said, “I would skate there with my friends. Skye always came uninvited and skated with us.” When
  Brown was four years old, Stewart found out. She was born with a special talent and posted a video of her skateboarding on Facebook. “The video received millions of views overnight, it’s incredible!” He said, “That might be the first time I realized that it’s great to be able to skate so well at this age.” In 2016, Brown Participating in the first official competition started her career in skateboarding.
  In 2018, Brown participated in the American dance reality show “Dancing with the Stars Youth Edition”, when she was not too famous at the time. Stewart said: “We didn’t know what this show was before. When my wife and Skye were watching this show on iPad, I went to bed. I woke up at three in the morning and found that they were still watching. Skye turned his head to face. I said:’Dad, can I also be on this show?’ In order to participate in the show, she even gave up extreme sports competitions. You must know that she usually does not miss any chance to participate.”

Brown and her teacher Horso

  In the end, Brown won the dance competition. She said: “I made a beautiful hairstyle and beautiful makeup. I was a little princess. This is one of the most interesting things I have ever done.” This show made Brown famous. There was a huge increase, and many people began to pay attention to her, which flattered Brown, who was ten at the time, and her parents. Stewart said: “After she participated in this show, she should have stayed in the United States to continue recording the “Allen Show” and accept some media interviews, but we brought her back to Japan and kept her away from the media for three months.” She
  was only 13 years old. With such an achievement, what will Brown’s future look like? She said: “I have a lot of dreams, but now I want to go to poor areas to teach kids skateboarding there, because I think skateboarding or other sports can help people through difficulties.” Brown knows that he can attract a new generation of young people to join this project. Sports, “I want to skate better, I want to push the limit and close the gender gap in skateboarding. I am the youngest athlete in the Olympic skateboarding competition. I hope this will inspire other girls. I hope they will say:’Wow, I too Yes!’This is why I participated in the Olympics. Of course it is cool to win medals, but more importantly, it can inspire others.”