“Doctor Zhivago” Drifting

  In 2009, American journalist Finn planned to write an article on the relationship between the Soviet novel “Doctor Zhivago” and the CIA. He found 99 decrypted files on the CIA website.
  According to the archives, the writer Pasternak completed the novel “Doctor Zhivago” in 1955, and submitted an article to the Soviet literary magazine “New World” in 1956, which was rejected in September. Previously, Pasternak handed the manuscript of “Doctor Zhivago” to several friends to take to the West, one of whom was the Italian journalist Angelo. He brought the manuscript back to Italy and handed it to the publishing house “Felternelli”. “Doctor Zhivago” was translated into Italian and published in 1957, and it exerted influence in the West and attracted worldwide attention.
  In 1957, the Russian version of the manuscript of “Doctor Zhivago” shot on microfilm fell into the hands of the British intelligence agency “MI6”. There are two rolls of film in the book. The path and process by which MI6 obtained the film remains secret to this day. The original holders of the known film are: British philosopher and thinker Isaiah Berlin, Russian-born Oxford University professor Katkov, and Pasternak’s sister Josephine in Oxford. They All have died.
  After the Italian version of “Doctor Zhivago” came out, the CIA looked around for the Russian manuscript of the novel. As early as December 1957, the CIA stated in an internal memo that “Doctor Zhivago” is more important to the West than any Soviet literary work. The CIA has formulated a number of strategic tasks for this purpose: first, try to force the Soviet Union to agree to publish “Doctor Zhivago” in the country; Number of prints of the first edition; third, when choosing a publishing house, try to avoid publishing houses with strong political colors to hide motives.
  In January 1958, MI6 transferred the Russian version of the microfilm of “Doctor Zhivago” to the CIA, and the CIA immediately began planning to publish the Russian version of “Doctor Zhivago”. CIA Director Dulles is directly responsible for this project. The declassified file pointed out that while publishing “Doctor Zhivago,” the CIA also created conditions to promote Pasternak’s Nobel Prize in Literature, because the CIA “plays a key role in promoting Soviet candidates.”
  At that time, British, Dutch and Italian publishing houses also published a Russian version of “Doctor Zhivago”. In 1958, the Russian editions of various countries were sent to the Brussels International Book Fair for publicity and promotion, and the booth rented was actually from the Vatican. The Russian version of “Doctor Zhivago” was also sent to the 7th Vienna World Youth and University Students Festival, which was distributed free of charge to readers of the Eastern camp.
  In 1959, the CIA published the Russian version of “Doctor Zhivago” again. This time, they chose publishing houses of European Russian diasporas to publish books, which was clearly targeted. The publisher intends to make the new version of “Doctor Zhivago” a “pocket book” to facilitate the entry into the Soviet Union. The CIA reported internally that the value of the novel “Doctor Zhivago” lies not only in content, propaganda value, and thinking space, but also in its publishing process, which can prompt Soviet readers to reflect on human values.
  From the late 1950s to the early 1960s, the CIA also promoted “Doctor Zhivago” to other countries in the Eastern camp. The British MI6 has funded the publication of the Persian language version. However, the CIA still felt that it was not enough, and they privately distributed about 10 million copies of the Russian version of “Doctor Zhivago” or brochures about the novel in the Soviet Union.
  In the Soviet Union, the motherland of the novel “Doctor Zhivago”, after the writer Pasternak finished his work in 1955, the novel was circulated as an “underground publication” for 30 years, until Gorbachev started the “new thinking” in 1985. “After the reform, the official “New World” magazine published it for publication.

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