“Affair” has no man in the past.

“Music is my faithful wife. Literature is my greatest affair, it is my extravagant lover. I love both, of course, the way of love is different. ”
Different from some “genre books” I like, Zhong Lifeng’s words are difficult to classify, but they always bring me a different reading experience. It’s like suddenly hearing someone playing “days of our lives” on a crowded subway, and immediately warming up inside.
In Men Without Past, Zhong Lifeng wrote, “Someone will ask me why there are few emotions of struggle, dissatisfaction and anger in songs and words. Is it really all good to live in you? Of course, I have the same emotions as you, but I remember someone who said that every era has its duality: both depravity and progress, and like all human things, it contains the seeds of its end at the beginning. Every time I think about it, I can’t help being calm and calm. ”
Zhong Lifeng’s words are not sharp, but they are sentimental. As the book says, “If you have more personality, you will sometimes hurt yourself and others. And feelings are warm, inclusive, lasting and lasting, and with the passage of time and the accumulation of emotions, they will become richer and more charming. “.
Like “Sad Like an Encounter”, “Men Without Past” is more poetic and philosophical thinking, from which we can’t see how the lonely youth who had experienced failure and went to the northwest to shepherd sheep came to this day step by step. The author hides himself deeply, implicitly and mysteriously. Just inadvertently, through those half-truths stories, revealed a little bit of true self.
In the last book, The Death of Peacock, I finally saw Jason Chung in still hiding half her face from us behind her guitar. Lev, who rents a computer school, is always awakened by a terrible strange sound every morning and can’t sleep. In desperation, Lev turned to Tashi, his friend who shared the rent, and hoped that his partner who “smiled like a Buddha” every day and slept every night could find a way. Tashi, who is good at imitating all kinds of sounds, carefully studied this strange opponent. “I found out the pronunciation skills of the peacock opposite, and immediately began to call it sentence by sentence, like two martial arts masters who had never met and secretly competed.”. With a louder, louder, abnormal and sexy voice, the peacock “cries with anger, despair and sadness day by day”, until one day, the days are quiet again. The neighbor told him that “the peacock died a few days ago”. Lev finally fell asleep, but between half asleep and half awake, he felt an unprecedented sadness.
In the contest between ideal and reality, in the contest between peacock and Tashi, the peacock died and Tashi won. When I was young, I lost my pride and dreams, which were broken in reality and died a little in the struggle. Every one of us is a peacock and a Lev. Every day, we sleep wearily in the battle with ourselves. Although it is painful and tangled, we are full and busy. Just like Zhong Lifeng wrote at the end of the story, “After pretending to be crazy and foolish, Lev will naturally think of the peacock. Lev felt that the lonely and confused but vibrant years when he first arrived in Beijing disappeared with the peacock’s’ death'”.
But I am still looking forward to the moment in proud as a peacock, even if it is just a moment. Because, the man who has no past, in fact, there are many stories, and we are looking forward to more than one affair.

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