Accept the ordinary

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  read one sentence:. “Life is the most important time to grow, from accepting his own ordinariness and enjoy the beginning of the ordinary,” when young, I do not understand this sentence, but do not Agree. After all, most people are as pretentious as I am, and once stubbornly believed that as long as they work hard, they will definitely get rid of the ordinary and live successfully and become famous.
  When I was in middle school, the principal asked all the students a question: “What do you think of ordinary?” A senior middle school boy said: “Ordinary means obscurity and doing nothing. If I can’t let myself get out of ordinary before the age of 35, then I will accomplish nothing. “At that time, everyone felt that these words expressed our hatred of the ordinary and our yearning and determination for the “extraordinary”.
  There were more roads to walk, more things to experience, and more walls to hit, only to realize that most people did not live extraordinary lives. In the face of reality, we have to accept that we don’t have a certain talent, we have to accept that we are still a long way from our dreams, and we have to accept that there is still a long way to go in the future, and we may not be able to reach poetry and distant places.
  We who have been educated to “get ahead” since we were young, are ashamed of the ordinary. I used to hate myself for being ordinary. I have insisted on writing for more than ten years, but I have suffered from not being able to write excellent works. Whenever I see others’ masterpieces, I always fall into endless self-deprecation: mediocrity, no talent, and inability. Later, from self-deprecating to avoiding, in order to avoid the ordinary, I decided to cultivate other hobbies and stop contacting words. I found that this avoidance did not make me enjoy the happiness and ease I wanted. On the contrary, I saw that other people were doing what I liked, and my envy increased day by day. Later, I simply brought up the pen to write. Although I still wrote small articles that no one cares about, this time, I reached a reconciliation with myself. The joy of writing is enough to illuminate ordinary life, and it is also worth persisting and struggling. Just as Lu Yao wrote in “The Ordinary World”: “In fact, each of our lives is a world, and even the most ordinary people must fight for the world in which she lives.”
  Only when you recognize your ordinaryness will you accept your ordinaryness. At the same time, you must have a preparation that is willing to be ordinary and lonely, but this does not mean that you have to be mediocre and subdued, it means rolling in the mud, lying in the gutter, and being lived. Defeated and become a useless existence. Instead, we must always remind ourselves that we should maintain an upward attitude in life, with light in my eyes, fire in my heart, and a path under my feet. After thinking about this, and looking back, in fact, ordinary is not a flood beast, most people are ordinary in the end. Those who can stand on the podium of the world championship, those who can make earth-shattering feats, and those who are well-known all over the world, are after all very few people, and many more people will not be the protagonists in the spotlight in their lifetime. But even so, it still does not prevent them from raising their heads every day and spare no effort to fight.
  If someone asks me that I am just an ordinary person all my life, do you regret it? I said, no, because I worked hard, and this is the meaning.

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