Young talents are exquisite and poor

  There is a debate topic in “Wonderful Flowers” called “Should young people be exquisite and poor”. The topic is very interesting. It reminds me of a time waiting for someone at Nanjing Xinjiekou subway station. In just a few minutes, countless people walked in front of me. Young fashionable girl with a designer bag in her hand.
  Bags of the French brand Celine were popular that year. They were sold for 30,000 yuan in the mall. At the Xinjiekou subway station, every minute, I could see a bag for 30,000 yuan. Why are young people so rich now? With such thoughts in my mind, I walked to the pinnacle of life at a young age.
  Later, my assistant and I went on a business trip to Paris. She was soliciting purchase information all the way. Her relatives and friends asked her to see how much the Celine package in Paris cost. I can’t help but feel astonished. Your friend is so rich. Did he carry a bag of 30,000 in his early twenties? She said no, the salary is more than 8,000 a month. When I first left school, I was basically the poorest time. But being poor, can’t it be refined? It seems that many people have turned into Jane Eyre, and their souls ask every day: I am poor, am I not worthy?
  I fully understand the idea of ​​having a good life and being refined. When I made 10,000 yuan a month, I really wanted to buy an LV bag. Xiao Chen said next to him: Luxury goods are not something our class uses. I was so angry that I almost jumped up, furious: Am I not worthy of LV?
  At a young age, I would rather be a housekeeper and wear a good outfit. It is used to express: I don’t want others to look down on me.
  I think of the last thing I regret many years ago, when I was in Beijing, and I got a draft fee of more than two thousand yuan. With the money, I went shopping with my friends excitedly, and went around Sanlitun, and finally bought a bag worth 1,500 yuan in a second-tier brand store. That was the most expensive bag I ever bought, with a silver brand logo on the atmospheric canvas fabric. Carrying this bag, I seem to have obtained a brand pass in Sanlitun.
  It didn’t take long before I left Beijing. Looking back now, it was better to buy a quilt at the time of more than one thousand yuan. If it weren’t for the fact that Beijing was too cold and the top floor of the slabs where I lived was not heated enough, and I slept in the house every night and shivered from the cold, maybe I wouldn’t be able to flee in a hurry.
  When I was young, I bought all kinds of household goods, almost all of them were settled in the roadside grocery store. I was in my 20s and I still didn’t understand why those middle-aged people in high-end department stores who carried expensive household goods should spend so much. How much money is spent on these things that can’t be brought out?
  It doesn’t matter, I don’t want to be so vulgar, I want to wear every penny I earn. I was too young at that time, caring so much about the feelings of others, and wanted to tell everyone in the world that I was worth all of this.
  Middle-aged people don’t care what others say. The most important thing is how they feel. She may spend a lot of money on a chair or a lot of money on bedding. She never imagined that when she was young, she would spend a lot of money on a chair. Living a life of drifting and drifting, using a supermarket quilt for 99 yuan a bed and a bowl for 5 yuan a bowl, to build a simple life.
  Middle-aged people absolutely cannot accept this kind of exquisite poverty. We will do the opposite. On the surface, it looks very common. There should never be any uncomfortable moments when going home. Middle-aged people only want real warmth and comfort before they have the extra energy to continue to struggle with the trivialities of life.

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