“Window Art” under the Epidemic Storm

  Known as the music capital of the world, Vienna has always had its own unique charm and rhythm. In this city, there is an atmosphere of art everywhere, and the usual streets and lanes are always lively.
  However, in 2020, a new crown virus sweeping the world broke the beautiful melody of this city.
  During the epidemic, Vienna was closed several times, and people almost gave up all their social and entertainment life and kept their doors behind closed doors. This has had an impact on many industries. This is especially true for the photography industry. The panic caused by the epidemic has caused a large number of orders to be delayed or lost. As a professional photographer, Wien Floran can no longer rely on her professionalism to make ends meet.
  In desperation, Wien had to deliver express delivery to maintain income. One day, when she returned from the express delivery, through a glass window not far away, she suddenly caught a glimpse of a graceful girl dancing in the house. The moment she stood on tiptoes and turned her head around, it was like a beautiful swan flying in the air… Wien immediately walked forward, took out the camera that she carried with him on weekdays, and clicked through the glass window to capture It’s that smart moment. And her passion and inspiration burst out at that moment, so she thought that in the future, she could continue to capture more beautiful moments in this way. So later, she shot a lot of works through one glass window after another.
  However, due to the great randomness of this shooting method, the shots are often not ideal. At the same time, because of isolation, it is also difficult to communicate with each other in detail and shoot better works.
  After a long period of thinking, Wien drew up a detailed shooting plan and started to implement it. First, she issued a recruitment order online: soliciting families who would like to be models for portrait photos. And collected a lot of valuable information through the people who came to apply. For example: What impact does the current epidemic have on people’s lives? What do people most want to do after the epidemic is over? What can we do for others in this extraordinary period? In the end, Wien selected 23 of the most representative families from these candidates and officially started her “window photography” journey.
  In order to maintain a social distance from the subject, she always took the photo by standing on the street through the window every time she took the photo. The shots include close-up portraits of people living alone, sweet photos between husband and wife, and warm images of a family. The photographed subjects include people of various identities and occupations, and they are all presented in the lens with the most realistic appearance. After the shooting, they also shared their experiences and perceptions during the epidemic in the form of text, and expressed their desires and expectations for others, the world, and the future.
  After the “window photography” tour was successfully completed, Wien held an online photography exhibition on the Internet, and made some of his wonderful works into huge advertising paintings, which were displayed on the exterior walls of residential buildings.
  Soon after, Wien’s “Window Photography” series of works caused a huge sensation in Vienna. Many artists followed suit, observing and capturing the wonderful moments of life through glass windows. Vienna quickly set off a “new crown”. “Art” boom.
  Sometimes, when a storm comes, instead of panicking and waiting, we should boldly look for new opportunities under the storm, be the first and explore courageously, so that we can break through the limitations and usher in new hope.

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