Raindrops are not at a loss, they are walking earnestly

  The raindrops are not at a loss, every drop of rain is walking earnestly. Passing on the blue roof tiles, falling on the canna leaves under the eaves, flowing into the heart of the flower, turning into a crystal clear heart.
  Raindrops walked through the city, dripped along the drainage pipes of urban buildings, and fell on the concrete floor. There were countless clones and splashes of water. Like the melody in a concert, and like the gentle tapping sound of swallows passing by on a calm lake, it injects peaceful music into every impetuous heart behind the bustling city.
  The walking raindrops are the most patient. Although they are not wound, their steps are gentler, more free and easy, and tougher than the clock. The rain drops under the eaves, on the leaves of the plants, on the windowsill, on the bluestone slab, on the suet road… wherever it can be reached, it leaves the sound of rapid or gentle footsteps. If the amount of water is sufficient, the raindrops are the most patient, this kind of footsteps will stay for a long time, stepping the slabs out of the pits, and walking through the stones. Time travels through the raindrops. It is not clear whether the raindrops record the time or the time penetrates the raindrops. It’s just that the raindrops can’t look back, can’t turn back to the sky, back to the clouds. At this point, Raindrop and time have reached a tacit understanding.
  The rain drops through the autumn, the earth loses fat, and the mountain becomes thinner. The sky is far away, even if the birds fly by in groups, it is not crowded. The clouds in the sky are slightly pale, like the ribs of fish left after being eaten. The raindrops hurriedly passed by, let the smell of drafting and grain drift on the ground after the autumn harvest.
  Raindrops are the creators of music. When they fall on different objects, they will make different sounds, ranging from excitement, depression, rushing, and soothing. The speed, size and height of raindrops determine its rhythm. Whether it is drizzle or pouring rain, raindrops will bring a musical feast, but the difference between orchestral music and percussion. Raindrops are messengers from the sky, using different water droplets to convey information.
  Raindrops fell on the wires and were dressed as white necklaces. Hearing the wind’s command, they lined up and jumped to the ground neatly, like girls swimming neatly into the water.
  The raindrop is busy, it has to take care of everything. The raindrops are careful and never wasted. After the rain enters the earth and rivers, it completes the task of nourishing the earth, then turns gorgeously and evaporates into clouds; the raindrops are smelly, they store the smell of everything on the earth, and also melt into the breath of people’s labor, trees The breath of growth, the breath of cattle and sheep running; raindrops love home, not moving, and don’t want to leave wherever they fall, unless there are other raindrops coming to meet with it and pulling it toward the rivers.
  Raindrops are like transparent beetles, coming from the sky to the world, crawling under the eaves, crawling over the trees, crawling over the autumn crops, through all the seasons, and finally get into the embrace of the earth, together with the earth winter. Raindrops kiss the world, every flower, every grass, every house, and even every piece of garbage. It never abandons anyone, never abandons anyone, never complains. It loves the beautiful part of the world, and it works hard to clean the ugly part of the world.
  You, me, and him in this world are all raindrops. To love life is the most graceful walk.

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