Philosopher Hamlet

  The evaluation of Hamlet and his lover Ophelia should be the most comprehensive. She feels that Hamlet possesses “noble heart”, “noble reason”, and “unparalleled youthful beauty”. He is a leader in all aspects: “the eyes of courtiers, the defense of scholars, the sword of soldiers, and what the country looks forward to. A delicate flower; the mirror of time flow, the elegance of humanity, the center of world attention.” (The third act)
  also revealed that he temporarily interrupted his studies in Wittenberg, and he was too old among students. He is 30 years old. Because in the first scene of the fifth act, there is such a dialogue:
  Joker A: I started this business on the day our old lord Hamlet defeated Fording Blas.
  Hamlet: How long ago was that?
  Joker: …that’s the day when little Hamlet was born…The first
  clown: I worked in this tomb-digging business locally, and I have been working for 30 years since I was little.
  The age of 30 is also commensurate with his mature and profound thinking. He likes swordsmanship and “practices very often”, but his figure is a bit bloated. The queen once said “he is too fat”. He can play the flute, love drama and poetry, can guide theatrical troupe rehearsal skillfully, and can easily add drama to the script. Although he is self-moderating, “My poems are written too badly”, the love poems he writes are beautiful and touching. Shen: “You can suspect that the stars are torches, you can suspect that the sun will shift, and you can suspect that the truth is a lie; but my love never changes.”
  His greatest characteristic is his love of thinking. He is a thinker who is always in a state of reflection.
  As a philosophy lover, he often couldn’t help “talking about metaphysics” (the second act). In the play, he mentioned philosophy twice. He said: “There are many things between heaven and earth, which you didn’t dream of in your philosophy.” (The first act) also said: “My uncle is the king of Denmark. Those who treat him when my father is alive People who make faces are now willing to take out twenty, forty, fifty, or one hundred dollars to buy a small picture of him. Hmph, there are some things that are not common sense, if philosophy can infer it. The words come out.” (Act 2) This is never mentioned by other characters in the play.
  He thinks almost everywhere, choosing between patience and gratitude, thinking about the meaning of life, thinking about form and substance, life and responsibility, work and immortality, time and memory, love and desire, beauty and chastity , Speech and performance, reason and self, tolerance and honor. A casual sentence by others can trigger his reflection. For example, he asked Polonius to “find a good place to settle the cast of actors.” Polonius believes that “be treated as they deserve.” They are it.” Hamlet immediately thought of everyone’s fault: “If everyone is treated as he deserves, then who can get away with a whip?” When I heard someone call him “hang up” With the hook on the sword, he reconsidered whether the word was appropriate. He used “eating” to compare death, considering the most essential life after shed his identity:
  ”We fatten up all kinds of livestock for our own use, and then fatten ourselves to be used by maggots.”
  ”The fat king and the thin skinny The beggars are two different dishes on the same table.”
  ”A person can take a maggot that has eaten a king to go fishing, and then eat the fish that has eaten that maggot.” (Chapter 4)
  Seeing the gravedigger Throwing a skeleton, Hamlet reflected on what he was pursuing in life:
  ”Who knows that it wouldn’t be a lawyer’s skeleton? His tricks of playing with swords and pens, inverting the black and white eloquence, where are they now? … his Couldn’t the dual guarantor guarantee that he would buy more land and leave him only a piece of ground the same size as the duplicate contract? This small wooden box, I am afraid that the papers for his land would not fit, but now the landlord I can only have such a little territory, ha!” (Act 5)
  Leo Tolstoy wrote the title “Does a person need a lot of land?” The novel to reflect on the same issue may be inspired by Hamlet’s words.
  Seeing the skeletons, Hamlet still remembered the ultimate life:
  ”Who knows what sordid things we will become in the future…Who knows that the dirt stuck in the mouth of the barrel is not Alexander’s noble corpse?”
  ”Alexander died ?” Now, Alexander was buried, Alexander turned into dust, and people turned the dust into mud; so why wouldn’t the mud that Alexander turned into be stuffed into the mouth of a beer barrel? Caesar is dead, maybe your dignified body Changed the mud and filled the broken wall.”
  Because Hamlet kept the habit of reflection, he thought carefully and acted carefully. For example, to ensure that classmates who saw his father’s ghost could be kept tight-lipped, he asked them to put their hands on his sword and swear: “I may sometimes deliberately pretend to be crazy. If you saw me at that time Weird behavior, don’t cross your arms like this, or shake your head like this, or say some hesitating words, such as “Uh, uh, we know”, or “As long as we are happy, we can”, or ‘If we are willing to say something,’ or’what if someone does,’ and such vague words, you know what my secrets are; you must promise me to avoid such words.” He revealed the possibility. The situation is all thought about. In order to discover the secrets of his uncle’s heart and find more tangible evidence that his uncle was the murderer, he designed to spy on his uncle through acting, and at the same time asked his classmates to pay attention to his uncle’s expression. Combine the results and give him his next judgment.” When Hamlet was eager to avenge his hatred, he was still very cautious. He didn’t grab a piece of evidence and immediately took the knife and dropped it. When the uncle prayed, it was a great opportunity for Hamlet to do it, but he gave up after thinking about it, because he considered: killing a villain who is praying, maybe it will make the villain go to heaven, this will not punish the villain. The role of the villain.
  It can be said that Hamlet has the bravery, perseverance, and keenness of a young man. His behavior is based on knowledge and reason, and it is the result of his active choice after thinking. He pays attention to his every move and every move of others. He seeks the true meaning of life and makes choices based on strict philosophical thinking. Once he reaches a conclusion in his mind, he can disregard fame, status and even life, regardless of popular habits and words. . He is a philosopher like Socrates.
  In French literature, there is also a character similar to Hamlet, who is Gowan (some translations translated as “Guo Wen”) in Hugo’s novel “1993”. He is thirty years old like Hamlet, and he is as close to perfection as Hamlet:
  ”Tall and burly, with eyes as deep as a prophet, and laughs like a child. He doesn’t smoke, drink, or swear by curses. He goes with him when he fights. Bringing grooming equipment, he paid special attention to his nails, teeth and that brown hair. During the march and rest, he personally took off the bullet-hole and dust-covered captain uniform and patted him. He has always been brave on the battlefield. Charged, but never injured. His voice was soft, but it suddenly became loud when giving orders. He took the lead, whether it was windy, rainy or snowy, wrapped in a cloak, resting his lovely head on the stone and laying on the ground. And lying. This is a brave and innocent heart, but he changed his appearance when he took up a saber.”
  In addition, this Gowan “loves contemplation, good philosophy, and is a young sage. He has an appearance like Alcibe. Ad, talk like Socrates”, he is not satisfied with solving problems in simple ways, he loves to think about some abstract problems, he loves to explore the theoretical fulcrum behind his actions. In the end, he died for his philosophy and was sentenced to death by the teacher who once valued himself most. Socrates, Hamlet, and Gowan belong to the same category. They are all philosophers dedicated to thinking.

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