Oil bottle can talk

  The small street is not long, and the older generations on the street like to say, “It’s only as long as Lao Yu’s fried dough sticks.”
  The fried dough sticks at Laoyu’s breakfast shop are golden and crispy, and they use certified, assured oil. Every morning at three o’clock in the morning, Lao Yu’s house started on time and poured a few large bottles of oil into the pot, and the empty bottles were hung on the canopy at the entrance of the store. After three or four days, the empty oil bottle is full, and the old man who collects the waste will come and take it away.
  Such deep-fried dough sticks are soaked in rice porridge and soy milk, glowing with clear oily flowers, and the people in the small street have the fragrance in their mouths, and their hearts are steady.
  A year ago, a breakfast shop was opened in West End of the street that could deliver food. The main product was fried dough sticks, which tasted good, and also used the trick of hanging oil bottles. Many people questioned, can this family survive? You know, if you use bulk frying early, it’s okay to save 20 or 30 yuan a morning.
  The oil bottle was hung there, and Lao Yu stayed there. After a few decades, his family’s business was like that boiling oil pan, sizzling and boiling; the west side of the street was also guarded, and the oil bottle was hung for a year. many. Old man Wang has an extra place to empty the oil bottle.
  The reputation of Jixitou’s early shop has become popular. The owner is young and has a good mind. He has played a shouting video on Douyin that “net celebrity youtiao shops and Jixiyou oil bottles can be seen”, and he has the momentum to replace his old home.
  The small street is so long, it used to be only as long as Lao Yu’s deep-fried dough sticks. Now, Lao Yu’s deep-fried dough sticks are only half a street long.
  Recently, the District Administration for Industry and Commerce will select several shops in the small street facades and award them the “Annual Integrity Store” medal. There are few shops for breakfast, so choose only one.
  The owner of the shop early on the west side of the street heard the news and acted immediately to redecorate the interior and exterior of the store. The large oil pan that was once exposed was sealed by tempered glass. He also added a noise-reducing and smoke-absorbing device, which is a refreshing and beautiful look. , Attracting many young people to punch in and take photos, and the originally quiet streets are full of laughter and laughter.
  Lao Yu didn’t take the selection seriously, and shook his head and smiled: “It doesn’t matter if you are judged or not, just do it with your conscience.” Sister Ding, a sanitation worker, came in and poured the water. She was a native of the street, listen. When he said this, he smiled and persuaded: “The smell of wine is also afraid of the depth of the alley. You have done a good job in the use of materials and hygiene. Why don’t you fight for it?”
  Lao Yu thought about this, so he signed up.
  Two months later, the results of the selection came out, and the shop at West End, which is bound to win, failed to make the list earlier, and the medal was hung in Lao Yu’s home.
  Slowly, the answer spread secretly in the side streets. It is said that when people from the unannounced visit team came to investigate, they asked Sister Ding and also the old man who collected the waste. Sister Ding recommended Lao Yu’s house. The people in the unannounced visit group were puzzled. From the appearance of the store to the online word-of-mouth recommendations, Lao Yu’s home was a little bit earlier than the west end of the street.
  ”The oil bottle told me. The oil bottle of Lao Yu’s family has been hung for decades, and it is not easy to do it.” Sister Ding said with a smile.
  Sister Ding also said that there was a strong wind early in the morning, and an oil bottle hung on the canopy in Lao Yu’s house was blown onto the road and turned around. She stopped it with a trash picking iron hook. The tip of the iron hook was on the oil bottle. A small hole was drilled in the trademark office.
  Strangely, a few days later, Sister Ding saw this bottle again at the place where the oil bottle was spread earlier on the west end of the street, and she was very confused. So for a few consecutive mornings, Sister Ding paid attention and found that Jixitou just hung empty bottles out of the store, but the oil in the pot was poured out of the big plastic barrels that contained bulk oil…
  The old man Wang said: “I only trust the oil of Lao Yu’s house. Once our waste station was closed, I sent empty bottles and old cartons to the waste station next door, and just saw the young boss at the west end of the street. Buy an empty oil bottle. I asked you if there are too many empty oil bottles, and you still want to buy it? He smiled stiffly and replied: The bottle is not enough, buy it back and fill it with waste oil. Now when I think about it, it’s a pretense. ……”
  Soon, the short street was calm again. After all, it was only as long as Lao Yu’s fried dough sticks.

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