No limit for women

  Women are different from men. What I am talking about is not the difference in abilities, but the difference in the way of thinking. Let me give some examples first.
  When there is a mistake, he will find the person who made the mistake, but she will be suspicious: “Did I do something wrong?” Women are better at introspection. When he was angry, his subordinate thought he was too stressed; when she lost his temper, the subordinate thought that her period was about to come. Women are more likely to be labeled as gender. His married status is considered a symbol of maturity and responsibility, but her married status is considered to be no longer dedicated to work. Women can never get rid of the established impression of family first and work second.
  do you understand? Men and women have different ways of thinking, emotional reactions, and social roles. Therefore, when women bury their heads in sprints in their careers, they must know how to use their strengths and adjust their weaknesses. Discriminating against you is an external factor that hinders your success, but if you set limits on yourself, you are asking for trouble! From a psychological point of view, women’s self-limitation is reflected in the following aspects:
Emotional self-limiting

  Women tend to please others more than men and care more about others’ opinions. If they feel that they are unpopular and not valued, they will be extremely sad.
  As a leader and teacher, I really don’t want to appease a “mentally injured” female colleague. A girl came to work in our company, responsible for correspondence between my husband and foreign suppliers. She had already cried twice before going to work in the first week. The reason is simple: in the first time, my husband changed some of her grammatical error codes; in the second time, she accidentally infected the computer with a virus and completely crashed. Ironically, she had been crying in the bathroom for more than half an hour before the error was discovered by everyone.
  I used the words of a male friend who is also running a business: “I will recognize my emotional wife when I go home every day. If I have to calm the emotional female employees in the office, then I will be crazy. !”

Self-imposed restrictions on gender roles

  In the office there is a female colleague who knows how to cook and is enthusiastic and generous. From time to time, she brings her own baked biscuits, dried plums and roasted meat from home. She eats her colleagues happily and treats her as herself if she doesn’t pay attention. Auntie at home.
  I have always advocated that women distinguish between professional roles and life roles. What we give is the same wisdom and diligence as our male colleagues. Although modern business management emphasizes the management talents of women’s resilience and also respects women’s warm and humanistic power, this does not mean that we must be the neighborhood committee aunts who are responsible for comforting colleagues in the office. , Or the hard-working aunt.
  The resilience of women should be reflected in our mellow attitude, warm tolerance, bravery and tenacity for mothers, and exquisite emotional intelligence.
Self-limitation for those who dare not dream

  Why are women afraid of success? In fact, it is not difficult to understand. When we are stronger than men, we will worry that we are no longer a small woman, and we no longer need men’s strong arms and chest, or men are no longer willing to provide strong arms and chest, and we will no longer be happy.
  Take our attitude towards successful women! After envy and a little jealousy of her achievements, we will immediately wonder: “Is her love going well? Is her marriage happy?” In short, how can a woman achieve both achievements and make love and marriage happy? Woolen cloth?
  But we believe that success in a man’s career is justified, and success in a woman’s career needs to pay the price of love and unhappiness in marriage.
  I hope that we will not be bound by this kind of mentality that does not dare to dream, own, fight for, or accept. Try to give yourself a more relaxed psychological environment, work hard to learn a win-win life attitude and method, and create a brilliant personal career for yourself to the maximum extent possible.

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