Learn this from the requirements of the workplace

  Our ultimate goal of cultivating children’s learning ability is not to get him into a good university, but to hope that he can go further after he leaves the school. By understanding the abilities that are valued in the workplace, it is also a good angle to reverse the learning qualities and learning abilities of our children that we need to pay attention to.
  In the workplace, the ability of employees is generally divided into three parts: basic literacy, professional knowledge and general ability.
  Basic literacy in the workplace, no matter how strong an individual’s abilities and background are, contact with others is indispensable in daily life, so we must first make ourselves a person liked by others. Many parents want their children to be versatile or have skills in sports. In fact, these are extra points in the workplace and help their children become a popular person. This level also includes many other aspects: such as rule awareness, good habits, basic etiquette, physical health.
  Professional knowledge companies generally consider several important dimensions such as academic qualifications, ability and experience. If they are simply divided, the corresponding proportions of these dimensions are 30%, 40%, and 30%, but they will also be based on different industries. With some adjustments, professional knowledge may account for a greater proportion of computer engineers. Among them, academic qualifications represent an individual’s level of education, and it also reflects an individual’s degree of accumulation in professional knowledge. Therefore, professional knowledge also occupies a large proportion of the consideration factors for employment in the workplace.
  General ability In the era of rapid development and application of artificial intelligence, individuals should have the following abilities: creativity, communication skills (especially empathy), and complex problem-solving skills. This also corresponds to an interview with more than 5,000 CEOs around the world released by McKinsey in 2020. The report mentioned that the talents urgently needed by employers are: problem-solving skills, communication and expression skills, critical thinking skills, and leadership. force.
  For recent graduates, they generally lack workplace experience. So how do these companies consider when recruiting? The answer is, what the individual has learned and what abilities have been acquired through social practice assessment. For example, the interviewer mentioned that he has done some charity activities, the recruiter will ask him why he participated in such charity activities? What do you think? How do you deal with difficulties? How to motivate others to actively participate in activities? In fact, there are problem-solving skills, communication skills, leadership, and a very important sense of social responsibility, that is, everyone can not only pay attention to the individual and family, but also need to pay attention to the society, to make returns and assume responsibilities to the society.
  How to treat the widespread lack of internal drive?
  There is no shortage of graduates from prestigious schools in the workplace, and even many graduates who once ranked among the best in the province, when they enter the workplace and work for a period of time, they will lose their enthusiasm. This actually has a lot to do with the child’s way of education. Before the college entrance examination, the child’s goals and pressure are given by the parents. However, once this goal is reached, the child may lose his sense of direction if he breaks away from the constraints of his parents. Know what your goals are. I hope that my child can become a happy ordinary person in the future, and one of the dimensions of happiness is to have a clear understanding of myself and understand my future goals. Regarding the importance of personal goals, President Li Xigui of Beijing Eleven School also asked graduates this question at the graduation ceremony: “Where will I be in 2035? What am I doing?” When a person clearly understands his future In the direction of development, he may quickly find a job that matches it. This is a good talent pool for the company and a good growth for him. This is a win-win result. And once the goal is clear and self-motivation can continue, even in the face of failure, it will be persevering.

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