Interested in myself

  People have all kinds of interests: good food, fresh clothes, antiques and old utensils, scenery on the way, flowers, poetry and wine, silk and bamboo, football… but I rarely hear about them, but I am interested in them. Looking horizontally as a ridge and a peak, in order to know the true face of the world, look closely and fall in love with oneself, always let it go first.
  Where there is interest, there is always a passion of love attached. People with many interests live happily and radiantly everywhere. It’s not surprising that someone who loves is not eye-catching?
  Therefore, you don’t have to say it early, you have seen your life thoroughly, the wind and the smoke are quiet, and the pets and humiliations are forgotten. No matter what kind of age, what kind of life, interest, will bring surprises. If you love everything, everything will give back joy.
  Best, also be a person interested in yourself.
  If you are interested in yourself, you will gradually fall in love with yourself. Be nice to yourself, be responsible to yourself, be tolerant to yourself, and be kind to yourself. The rush of the world can’t disrupt our own rhythm, and the right or wrong of others can’t control our own happiness and anger. Facing the success and beauty of others, only enjoy the heart, but not desire. With its own order, naturally there will be no change of thinking.
  Not loving oneself is also caused by not being interested in oneself, blindly worshiping others’ glamour, and being too obsessed with the external prosperity, so under the “shadow”, anxious and low self-esteem.
  It can be seen that people who are interested in themselves must be confident. No matter how good people are, they have looked up to someone. Only by accepting yourself can you surpass yourself. Confidence is just reconciliation and acceptance of oneself. Everyone is not born to be different, just to be yourself, to become different.
  Confident people, whether they are obedient or inverse, all respond with a smile; success or failure is nothing but growth. Self-denial is not wrong, it is even a kind of bravery, but not charming enough. The poet Wilde said: Loving yourself is the beginning of a lifelong romance. It turns out that the most enduring romance is not falling in love, but narcissism.
  Accept your own ordinary, reconcile your own imperfections, but still have an interest in yourself.
  People who are interested in themselves are not afraid to be alone. It is not easy to be neither humble nor overbearing in the bustle, and to be joyful when alone. People who hate themselves cannot get along with themselves happily anyway. The real scenery is not what you see or hear, but the state of mind: I feel comfortable in my heart, I only feel the breeze and smooth; the brows are sad, but the breeze is noisy. If you like yourself, being alone will make you more interesting.
  It is said that interest is a teacher, and always dig infinitely and tirelessly about what you love. Therefore, you have to go deep and wide. If you are interested in yourself, you will naturally dig deeper. The so-called meeting a better version of yourself is probably the case.
  Be alone with yourself, open up yourself, and never get tired of yourself.
  People who are interested in themselves are constantly growing. Watching yourself, your own minor problems will also surface. People who like themselves will correct their blemishes on their own. People who love themselves are not willing to compromise their imperfections easily.
  Sometimes, just like this, the harder the harder the harder the harder, the lazier the lazier the lazier, the more the person who loves themselves, the more excellence. Be self-disciplined from time to time, approaching beauty, and maintaining beauty.
  Love requires practice, and being interested in yourself is already the beginning of a romance.

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