Face of love

  When the weather is good, I like to walk. Where I live, there is a downtown area just across the alley. Because of the convenience of life, there are many people coming and going. When I first moved in, I was still in the groping stage, and I spent some time getting familiar with the nearby restaurants and supermarkets.
  I don’t like to eat vegetables very much, so I often go to a small freshly squeezed fruit juice stall to buy vegetable juices to supplement dietary fiber and vitamins. The boss is very enthusiastic, and he often gives me free celery and bitter gourd, and makes a big cup. Every time I am kind, I drink so much.
  Once while waiting for the juice, an old gentleman walked over from the side of the road. He was wearing an all-white suit with a bright red shirt and a white hat. He looked very strange on a hot day.
  The old man walked up to me. I knew it was impolite, but I couldn’t help but not look. He approached me and found out that even his leather shoes were white patent leather and shiny. If I squat down, I can probably see my reflection on his shoes, it must be a dumbfounded face.
  ”Hello!” The old gentleman greeted me full of anger and waved to the boss who was making juice. He took a stack of flyers and handed me one.
  ”If you see this little girl, please make this call, thank you.” He said to me politely, and then went on.
  Before I had time to look at the flyer in my hand, the boss behind me said, “Don’t bother him! He is probably old and a bit weird.” The boss held his head and held his hand Draw a circle next to my head, “Everyone on our side knows him.”
  I watched the grandfather’s fading back. In the midsummer sun, he was full of energy and handed out flyers to every passerby.
  The weather was too hot. I hurried home while sipping juice. After entering the house, I found out that I had brought the flyer back. There is a blurred transfer photo of a young woman.
  There is a text next to the photo:
  Dear Xiaoxue, since my goodbye 40 years ago, I have not been able to forget you, and I deeply regret why I didn’t summon the courage to create our future together with you. Although I haven’t gotten in touch with you yet, I won’t give up, I hope it’s not too late. In this life, I just want to see you again. Look for Cheng Yingxue, who is about 1.6 meters tall and lives at ×××. If you have any clues, please call ×××, thank you.
  I think back to the grandfather who just passed me in the sun. His face was covered with longevity spots and wrinkles. The photos on the flyer were taken many years ago. If Xiaoxue was still alive, he would be more than 70 years old now. I don’t know how long the rest of their lives will be. I hope they can grow a little longer and they can see each other again. Maybe Xiaoxue is already full of children and grandchildren, or she can’t remember who he is.
  I hope Grandpa can wear that straight white suit and call her “little girl” again.
  In this world, there are countless kinds of faces of love. Perhaps some people will never travel to Europe in their entire lives, some will never ride in an expensive sports car, and some will not even be able to stay with their loved ones till the end.
  However, that’s not a big deal.
  Every minute and every second, there are people in every corner using their own ways, trying their best to love each other without humble.

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