Who will buy Tesla to play games?

In the new publicity interface of the official website, Tesla emphasized the Model S in-vehicle gaming system, saying that it “equipped with a processor capable of 100,000 floating-point operations per second”, and displayed the “Witcher” on the display interface. 3: “Wild Hunt”, “Stardew Valley”, “Tea Cup Head” and other game screens, with a slogan “comparable to the latest game console on the market” aroused the curiosity of countless players.

In-vehicle gaming system, which belongs to In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI), has now become an important component of vehicle interiors.

Similar to the development process of mobile phones, the in-vehicle entertainment system is derived from the in-vehicle communication system, initially only equipped with wireless communication functions, to meet the needs of drivers for mobile office.

It wasn’t until the 1920s that car radios entered the public’s business, and the curtain on the entertainment of in-car systems was opened. People have found that in the boring driving process, music can “turn decadence into magic” to change the driving experience of car owners.

With the popularization of tablet computers and the intelligentization of vehicle navigation systems, the multimedia systems on vehicles also have larger and larger screens, and car companies have also made more articles on in-vehicle entertainment systems.

The first is to expand it from a simple music player to an audio-visual combined audio-visual player, and later it has evolved to be able to transplant some smart phone apps into the car entertainment system. The functions of the car entertainment system are becoming more and more abundant and complex. .

With more and more in-car entertainment functions, the screen of the in-car entertainment system is getting bigger and bigger. However, larger and larger screens not only make the interior of the vehicle crowded and affect the appearance of the vehicle, but also bring about greater and greater driving safety problems.

Every time a car owner takes his sight away from the road to operate the in-car entertainment system, it may consume their vital emergency response time during driving and put them in a dangerous situation.

However, car companies often deliberately ignore this. They put their hopes of solving the problem on the intelligent driving system-imagine that after AI driving is mature, car owners will be exposed to a driving scene that does not require a driver every day, and naturally it will produce more entertainment and pastimes. need.

With the rise of high-tech car companies represented by Tesla, such a vision becomes a reality, and it seems that it is just around the corner.

Paul Calvin, the inventor of the car radio (left)

Data source: JDPower

VR has become a new choice for car games

“Playing games on Tesla is worse than playing on mobile phones”
Games have become the main social and entertainment method among young people.

According to statistics from market research firm Niko Partners, among young people aged 18 to 35 in China, gamers account for more than 90%.

And these young people who love games are also the main consumers of new energy vehicles.

IiMedia Consulting pointed out in the “Analysis of China’s New Energy Vehicle Industry Chain and User Profiles in 2020” that among the users of China’s new energy vehicles, users aged 19 to 35 have reached 57.83%.

Judging from these two data alone, it seems that gamers can also account for a large proportion of the main consumers of new energy vehicles. However, the combination of vehicles and games may not produce double happiness-at least Zhou Qi thinks that she is “emotionally stable” in front of car games.

Zhou Qi is 28 years old this year. She is a sales manager of a domestic car company and a gamer who is involved in games on all platforms.

“The appearance of the vehicle is very design, like a sports car, but the steering wheel is a bit ugly, which I personally cannot accept.” Zhou Qi briefly commented on the new Model S. He said that Model S is Tesla’s high-end flagship product. There is nothing to blame for the performance of the car. The parameters of power and battery life are also very attractive. On the contrary, the specially emphasized in-car entertainment system is somewhat dispensable.

“I personally don’t pay attention to the car entertainment system. Some people commented on Tesla, saying that it is equivalent to putting a PS5 in the car. In the future, the car entertainment system will be divided into three types that can play 3A games and those that can’t play 3A games. Yunyun. In my opinion, this kind of assertion is a bit ridiculous. It is great to be able to play 3A games in the car-but why should I play 3A games in the car?”

The future of car games depends on VR
Game player Mike has ten years of driving experience. In recent years, he has seen the rise of new energy vehicles, and he also plans to buy a new energy vehicle.

However, he has never driven a new energy vehicle before, and he has some worries in his mind. “New energy vehicles are said to be more energy-efficient, but the price is not a little bit more expensive than that of fuel vehicles. It is really difficult to not hesitate. Moreover, Charging piles in the city where I live have not yet become popular. What if I buy a tram and run out of electricity on the road in the future?”

In addition, the frequent occurrence of new energy vehicle battery failures and fire news are also the main reasons for “persuading” McKill. According to McKill’s understanding, the repair and replacement of new energy automobile equipment is quite expensive, even if the vehicle fails. It didn’t hurt people, and the maintenance cost afterwards was enough to make people feel painful.

As an “outsider”, McKoo’s understanding of new energy vehicles is certainly not as profound as that of new energy vehicle owners. However, for car owners who already own new energy vehicles, new energy vehicles are still a problem.

According to the 2020 China New Energy Vehicle Experience Research Report released by JDPower, car owners report that new energy vehicles have problems such as internal odor, tire noise, radio failure to receive signals, and inaccurate car navigation systems. In addition, in 2020, car owners New problems such as slow charging of the power socket/USB interface and uncomfortable seats were also reported.

However, even if there are still many problems, the market for new energy vehicles is still optimistic. According to statistics from the Association of Automobile Manufacturers, China’s new energy vehicle sales in 2020 will exceed 1.35 million units, an increase of 10.9% year-on-year, and the sales volume will achieve an average annual compound growth of 76.56% from 2011 to 2020. More and more domestic consumers are beginning to recognize and accept new energy. car.

This situation not only makes people want to ask: When consumers choose new energy vehicles, what exactly do they choose?

To this question, McKee has his own answer: “I support the concept of energy saving and environmental protection of new energy vehicles. New energy vehicles have low energy consumption. If we can abandon fuel vehicles and purchase new energy vehicles, we can contribute to environmental protection. If you make a contribution, I am very supportive.”

In addition to the concept of environmental protection, the sense of science and technology displayed by new energy vehicles is also what fascinates Maikou.

In his opinion, the sense of science and technology of new energy vehicles is reflected in the appearance and interior. He likes the avant-garde shape of new energy vehicles represented by Tesla’s products. He believes that the interiors with scientific and technological elements are the future of automobiles. The development direction, “The driving experience after freeing your hands with automatic driving is full of imagination.” Maikou said.

However, when asked about McGuar’s views on car games as a player, McGuar’s view is similar to Zhou Qi, “Buying a car means buying a means of transportation. The main reason is to value its advantages as a vehicle. It’s cool to play 3A masterpieces, but I think there may not be many opportunities to actually use this part of the function. It is not ideal for the fragmented time on the commute to play games. Even if you really want to play games, most of them choose Mobile games.”

Although he was not optimistic about car games, McKou still helped Tesla “make suggestions.” He believes that if car games must be developed in the direction of heavy games, VR games may be a good choice. “It is recommended that Tesla’s car games introduce VR systems, and then cooperate with game manufacturers to develop some racing games-there is no place. It’s more capable of bringing people into a racing game than a real car environment.”

In fact, car games have extended their tentacles to VR. At the 2019 CES International Consumer Electronics Show, Holoride, a holographic technology manufacturer, demonstrated a set of in-car VR game applications that can integrate vehicle data Point and virtual reality content are matched in real time, which closely combines driving and entertainment. And Hao Lexing also announced that it will cooperate with Ford Motor and Universal Pictures to bring more immersive car entertainment experience to users.

“Driving and playing games, if you just combine the two by simply stuffing game consoles in the car, it will always make people feel a bit blunt and unmatched. But if car games can not interfere with the normal driving process, but at the same time, Combined with the driving operation, I think it is still attractive to players.” Maikou added.

As more and more car companies begin to follow the trend of intelligence, in-car entertainment will also usher in more creative changes. However, new energy vehicles want to conquer the player community. Compared with the top game system, a game system that is more suitable for the driving process may be the real “version answer”.