Where is the star

During the current European Cup group stage, Danish star Christian Eriksson nearly died on the court. Fortunately, the European Cup security system is good, and the fortune teller is saved. Mbappe missed a penalty kick, Ronaldo also failed to take Portugal to the end… It is a pity that there have always been new stars in the European Cup in the past, and this year is slightly lacking in this regard.

Finally glowing
Kane and Sterling


Harry Kane, born in 1993, and Sterling, born in 1994, can’t be considered rookies. Kane performed well in the World Cup in Russia, not only helped the team reach the semi-finals, but also won the golden boots. For Kane, if he can win an intercontinental gold cup, there will be no regrets in his life.

Sterling is slightly different from Kane. No matter how he behaves, he will inevitably be criticized. For example, following the international big-name players, there is no such thing as a leader.

This year’s European Cup, England’s performance, to some extent proved that the Premier League is not only an alliance of international big-name stars, but also can cultivate England’s native stars.



Italian midfielder Jorginho, born in Imbituba, Brazil in December 1991, is a naturalized player who is often dubbed a “weak bird” by fans, with outstanding advantages and disadvantages. Jorginho is 1.8 meters tall and weighs only 65 kilograms, so his ability to fight in the midfield is slightly insufficient.

But in this European Cup, his passing and steals are particularly prominent, making Italy’s “waist” particularly hard. This is also the reason why Italy was able to advance to the semi-finals.

Caspar Schmeichel


After Eriksson withdrew from the game due to illness, Denmark was able to advance to the semi-finals, which is indeed the result of the team’s hard work. But the goalkeeper Schmeichel’s performance is indeed remarkable. As the son of a famous generation of Schmeichel, Jr. Schmeichel has no reputation for insulting the family.



Busquets, who may have missed the game due to the new crown before the start of the European Cup, returned to the game after his body recovered. His performance in the back waist position is dazzling. Of course, Busquets is also lucky. In Spain’s penalty shoot-out against Switzerland, he once missed a penalty kick. It’s just that Switzerland missed three consecutive penalty kicks, making the Spanish team lucky to pass the Swiss level.

Rising star recommendation


Pedri, who is only 18 years old, is the most outstanding thing-can run. From Barcelona, ​​he averaged 12.3 kilometers per game in the European Cup. For the Spanish team that plays pass control, Pedri’s appearance has enriched the team’s style of play.



Although the results of the Belgian team this year are not satisfactory, the 19-year-old Docu made a crazy breakthrough on the left in the battle against Italy, showing off the outstanding style of the 2020-2021 season Ligue 1 and becoming an Italian club. Check for the object of the Ligue 1 Rennes team.

Frustration is always inevitable


Ronaldo was generally disappointed in this European Cup. Although until the semi-finals, Cristiano Ronaldo still tops the scorer list. But the Portuguese star, who won 5 Golden Globes in the past 19 years, could not lead the Portuguese team to defend the title.

Ronaldo’s biggest “bright spot” in this European Cup turned out to be Norwegian Cola. Will the 39-year-old Ronaldo still play in the next European Cup?



Mbappé, who was born in the World Cup in Russia, became the real pillar of the French team in this European Cup. However, being eliminated by Switzerland in Bucharest, the favorites to win the French team instantly cool and hate the top sixteen. I have to say that the loss of the French team is related to the feud between Mbappe and teammate Giroud. Mbappe is still young and wants to make the French team come back in the future, but there is still a chance.

De Bruyne


Born in 1991, De Bruyne, including Hazard and Lukaku of the same age, as a member of the Belgian golden generation, failed to reach the end in this European Cup. Maybe, the next European Cup will still see De Bruyne’s figure, however, the average age of the Belgian team is a few years old, will there be a chance to reach the top of Europe in the short term? difficult!



Representing the German team in 3 World Cups, Muller scored 10 goals, but in the European Cup, he still did not achieve a zero breakthrough. Especially in the battle with England for the quarter-finals, Muller missed the equalizer. In this life, does Mueller still have a chance to score in the European Cup?



The Dutch iron gate De Licht was sent off with a red card, which directly led to the loss of the Netherlands to the Czech Republic. In fact, De Licht performed well in the group stage. But to some extent, football matches are about heroes based on success or failure. Of course, the central defender’s sports career is generally relatively long, for De Ligt, born in 1999, there are still opportunities.

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