Vaccination of minors in South Korea causes controversy

South Korea’s annual college entrance examination is counting down on the 19th. On the same day, the South Korean government officially launched the new crown vaccination work for senior high school students and high school teachers. According to Korean media, this round of vaccination is expected to help candidates and related groups achieve herd immunity, and ensure that candidates prepare for the exam and participate in the college entrance examination.

According to a report by South Korea’s “Pioneer Economy” on the 19th, starting that morning, senior high school students and high school teachers across South Korea have successively vaccinated Pfizer’s new crown vaccine in more than 290 vaccination centers across the country in schools. According to reports, this round of the first dose of vaccination for adolescents will last from the 19th to the 30th of this month, and the second dose will last from August 9th to the 20th. A total of 65 people participated in this round of vaccination. Ten thousand people (460,000 senior high school candidates, 190,000 high school teachers). According to the report, this is the first time that South Korea has carried out new crown vaccination work against minors. As early as March this year, when the South Korean government introduced Pfizer vaccine, it allowed the age range of the vaccine to be extended to teenagers over 16 years old. To over 12 years old).

“Pioneer Economy” stated that this round of vaccinations for senior high school students is expected to ensure that candidates prepare for the exam smoothly, such as ensuring that they go to school and attend classes normally, and prevent school infections. South Korea’s “Jungdu Daily” also optimistically stated on the 19th that this year’s college entrance examination is expected to be held when “all candidates and related personnel achieve herd immunity.” In an interview with Yonhap News Agency on the 19th, a number of senior high school students who have been vaccinated against the new crown also said that “I feel more at ease after being vaccinated and can concentrate on preparing for the exam.”

The News Agency said on the 19th that the South Korean government had previously conducted a questionnaire survey of senior high school students and high school teachers across the country. As a result, 97.8% of students and 95.7% of teachers agreed to receive the new crown vaccine. In addition, because the subjects of this round of vaccination are minors, the Korean government has obtained the consent of the teenagers themselves and their guardians regarding “voluntary vaccination”. It is reported that even if high school seniors refuse to be vaccinated, it will not affect their normal participation in the college entrance examination and admission to colleges and universities.

After the South Korean government decided on the 8th of this month to launch new crown vaccination work for senior high school students, it was immediately opposed by some South Korean medical staff. According to a previous report by the “Current Affairs News” network, the “Federation of Medical Staff to Ensure the Safety of the New Coronary Vaccine” issued a statement on the 9th accusing the government of “knowing that the new crown vaccine will cause serious side effects to young people, and the effect of vaccinating young people is unknown. Vaccines are a violation of the Nuremberg Code.” The government asked the government to postpone vaccination work for young people indefinitely, but apparently the government has not adopted it.