“Traveler Marriage” is popular, Saudi Arabia reacts complicatedly

“traveler marriage” (misyar), which does not carry any additional responsibilities, is rapidly becoming popular in Saudi Arabian society. This is a boon for men who can’t afford the expensive expenses of traditional weddings and have deflated wallets. However, critics condemned that this is legitimizing promiscuity.

“Traveler marriage” is a temporary marriage. The wife gives up some traditional marriage rights. For example, the husband and wife do not need to live together, and the husband does not need to bear the responsibility of supporting his wife. A reporter from the Global Times noticed in Saudi Arabia that in Saudi Arabia, especially in cities like the capital Riyadh, the wedding dowry is very expensive, which discourages many married men, and “traveler marriages” with the nature of temporary marriages come into play. Born. According to the Saudi media, this form of marriage has been increasing sharply as early as the 1990s, when the Saudi Mufti legalized it through Islamic decree.

This form of marriage is attractive to both local men and women. A Saudi Arabian government employee in his 40s said: “‘Traveler marriage provides comfort, freedom and partnership in accordance with Sharia law.”

On dating mobile apps and marriage websites, you can see that many Saudis and foreign workers are looking for “traveler marriage” partners. When the epidemic began last year, due to the rising cost of living and the Saudi government’s taxation of foreign workers in recent years, a pharmacist from Egypt in Riyadh sent his wife and 5-year-old child back to Cairo, but he confessed that “It’s too hard to live without his wife. “After that, I began to search for “traveler marriage” partners through the Internet.

Agence France-Presse said that some local women believe that this kind of marriage is an opportunity to get rid of being single or to restart after divorce and widowhood. A divorced Syrian woman in Riyadh maintains a secret “traveler marriage” relationship because she fears that her ex-husband will seek custody of her two children if she finds out that she is remarried.

Saudi Arabia’s “Paradise” quoted sources from the Ministry of Justice in 2018 as saying that this kind of marriage usually does not last too long, and the vast majority of them will divorce within 14 to 60 days. Agence France-Presse said it is difficult to estimate the overall number of such marriages because many are not registered. Many people also question the validity of this kind of marriage, believing that it does not conform to the Islamic view of marriage.

A well-known priest in Riyadh attributed the continued increase in the number of “traveler marriages” to men’s unwillingness to assume full responsibility in polygamous marriages. Some women were forced to go to court to sue Saudi men who refused to take care of children born in a “traveler’s marriage” relationship.

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