The remains of the Florida building will be blasted

Affected by tropical storm Elsa, Florida Governor DeSantis declared a state of emergency in 15 counties, including Miami-Dade County where the collapsed apartment building was located. The county officials decided to expedite the use of explosives to demolish the remaining buildings of the building before the arrival of tropical storm Elsa. County Mayor Kava said that she made this difficult decision, on the one hand, to continue searching for the victims and investigating the collapse, on the other hand, to protect rescuers and residents from further harm. According to the “Wall Street Journal” report on the 3rd, the demolition work will begin on the 4th at the earliest.

According to reports, since the building collapsed on June 24, rescuers have not rescued a survivor. Rescuers found two more bodies in a partially collapsed apartment building last Friday night. The death toll has risen to 24, and 121 people are still missing. Miami-Dade County Fire and Rescue Supervisor Cumminsky said that the remaining buildings are a major obstacle to search and rescue operations. Removing the remaining buildings will make rescuers safer and allow them to enter dangerous search areas.

According to the previous plan, considering the architectural nature of the base of the building and its geographic location, it would take several weeks to plan how to demolish the remaining building. But due to the approach of the tropical storm, they had to speed up their plans. Surf

When explaining the demolition work on the 3rd, the mayor of Said Town, Burkert, said, “This is because the hurricane will cause the building (remains) to collapse in the wrong direction and fall on the ruins where the victims are still buried.” The official did not give a unified demolition arrangement, but according to Burkert, the demolition work will begin on the 4th at the earliest.

According to reports, tropical storm Elsa, which will arrive in South Florida as early as Monday, is expected to bring strong winds and 6 inches (about 15.2 cm) of rain, making rescue work more difficult. Although the National Hurricane Center on the 3rd slightly downgraded “Elsa” from a hurricane to a tropical storm, as of the evening of the 3rd, the continuous wind speed of the storm still exceeded 70 miles per hour.

To make way for the demolition work, search and rescue work is currently suspended. Previously, due to concerns about the remnants of the building being hit by rescuers, the search and rescue work had been suspended earlier on the 1st and only continued in the evening. In order to drill holes in the remnant building to load explosives, the search and rescue work was suspended again at 4 pm on the 3rd. The suspension of search and rescue work has caused dissatisfaction among the families of some victims. Some people called the suspension “extremely disturbing.” In addition, some residents who lived in the remnants of the building still hope to go back to get their valuables. DeSantis reminded on the 3rd that he understands the feelings of the owners, but “in view of the large

The current situation of the building, I think it is impossible for people to enter the building.” After announcing the decision to demolish the remaining building, local officials also assured the residents that they had tried their best to search for their pets that were missing in the accident.

In fact, it has been 10 days since the accident happened. Some long-term owners of the Champlain Tanan apartment building also know that there is little hope of rescuing the living, and demolishing the remaining building is the best option at present. “They won’t find people alive.” The owner, Steve Rosenthal, said, “I know they are looking for the remains, but the last thing we need is some first responders injured or killed.” “New York Times” 2 The Japanese commentary stated that even if officials and rescuers promised to look for survivors among the rubble, no matter how slim the hope is, the language of telling the tragedy has been subtly switched to the past tense.

The Washington Post stated on the 4th that when a disaster strikes the United States, there are usually two responses: one is to commission an investigation of the truth, and the other is to enact a new law to prevent the disaster from happening again. After the collapse of the Florida building, we have heard two calls. Unfortunately, experience tells us that these investigations are usually nothing more than political guessing games. Although the cause of the collapse is not yet known, the evidence so far shows that violations of existing rules and best practices led to the collapse of the apartment building. Only by investigating the bottom line and preventing those responsible from evading responsibility can the victims get the justice they deserve.

According to CNN, nearly two-thirds of commercial, condominium, and apartment buildings in Miami-Dade County are the same age as the collapsed 40-year-old building, or even older. The tragedy of the collapse of an apartment building has aroused local attention to “dangerous buildings”. The 156 residents of an apartment building built in 1972 in North Miami Beach, Miami-Dade County, were evacuated on the 2nd. This “dangerous building” is about 8 kilometers away from the Champlain Tower South apartment building. The City of North Miami Beach received a report saying that this apartment building was found to have serious structural and electrical safety hazards in January this year, and therefore ordered all residents to evacuate immediately.

The New Yorker magazine said on the 3rd that in South Florida, climate change is a particularly serious challenge, and even the best-built buildings may face threats. Existing buildings require high maintenance costs. However, despite the initial agreement between the White House and the bipartisan senators on the $1.2 trillion infrastructure plan, the Republicans are still trying to block the second grant—and this grant will be even greater. Associating infrastructure and climate priorities in many places is where the United States is now.

an Israeli cargo ship was attacked by weapons of unknown origin in the northern Indian Ocean on the 3rd. Israel is investigating whether the Iranian military was behind the attack.

According to reports, the cargo ship is named “Tyndall” and is owned by a company under the name of Israeli billionaire Ofer. The ship was flying the Liberian flag and was operated by a non-Israeli crew. It was sailing from Saudi Arabia to the UAE when it was attacked. The Israeli “Ha’aretz” quoted security sources as saying that no one was injured in the attack and the attack may have been initiated by Iran. Israeli Channel 12 TV quoted sources from the Ministry of Defense as saying that the ship may have been hit by missiles and the hull was not seriously damaged. After the attack, it continued to sail to its destination. Israel’s Ministry of Defense is investigating whether the Iranian army was behind the attack. . The Jerusalem Post quoted an Israeli government official as saying that the attack was Iran’s retaliation for a drone attack on a centrifuge production plant in the country last month.

Since the beginning of this year, Israel has repeatedly claimed that the cargo ship has been attacked, including the explosion of a cargo ship in the Gulf of Oman in February and April each. Israel believes that Iran is related to the attack, but Iran has always denied it.

According to Israel’s “New News” reported on the 3rd, during the Israeli Defense Forces’ chief of staff Kohavey’s visit to the United States last month, he communicated to the United States a detailed military plan to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities. According to the report, Kohavey told U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mark Milly, Secretary of Defense Austin, and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency William Burns that Israel has made a “final decision” to thwart Iran’s nuclear program and formulated three details. Military strike plan to attack facilities related to Iran’s nuclear program. Haaretz quoted Israeli government sources as saying that the newly-elected Israeli Prime Minister Bennett will visit Washington this month and will once again report Israel’s military plans

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