wife want to set up a simple atmosphere retro bookshelf in front of the television, she likes to put good books and DVDs. His wife lectured on movies at the university, and she regarded film magazines and DVDs as treasures. However, we went to many furniture stores in the small town, but we couldn’t find the bookshelf we liked. I don’t want to lose my wife. The main reason for our divorce four years ago was me. Now that we remarry, I hope she will be more happy. While his wife was frowning, a salesperson suggested to visit the suburban lumber factory, where he might meet carpenters, who can build bookshelves as required. My wife finds it too troublesome and wants to choose a style close to it. I took my wife’s hand.
  Four years ago, during a mission, I severely injured a child trafficker. That day, I threw my anger on the trafficker, punching him in the face, until the blood and blood, until the colleague who came running hugged me fiercely. I became a drunkard after being expelled from the criminal police team. My hair also turned gray suddenly. That winter was even colder than the winter when my wife and I remarried, and the cold wind pierced me like countless steel needles. I took high spirits in my hand, took a few steps to take a sip, and took a few steps with a sip, repeatedly, endlessly. In this way, whether it is day or night, I have been wandering outside, doing nothing, and being addicted to alcohol. Once, I got so drunk and forced my wife to hug me. My wife pushed me away with a look of disgust, and I kicked her out of the bed. “Divorce is divorced.” I said this with a smile. After I said that, I smashed my head with a wine bottle. When the blood ran into my mouth, it was sweet. My wife was scared when she saw me. Even when I went through the divorce procedures later, my wife did not dare to say a word to me.
  In the winter of the following year, Captain Li dragged me to the outskirts of the bridge and slapped me a few times. When I was in the police academy, Captain Li often came to the school to give lectures, and later I became his subordinate. In five years, I followed Captain Li to solve many big cases. Captain Li often looked at the blood-red sunset and sighed, “Why are there so many murders every year in a small town with such a small population?” In fact, he knows the ugliness of human nature better than anyone, but he always hopes that no murders have ever happened. When I left the criminal police team, Captain Li tried his best to defend me. He explained the ins and outs of the case to the leader in detail, but he couldn’t change the fact that I was expelled.
  Captain Li is not talking about the case of human traffickers. In the severe winter four years ago, in just forty-five days, two people died in the outskirts of the town, a female middle school teacher and a female self-employed. The method of committing the crime was the same. The fatal injuries of the victim were all in the back of the head. There were no traces of fighting at the scene, only blurred footprints. It was the footprints of a pair of sneakers that were faintly visible. We searched all school students in the small town and found more than 50 pairs of sports shoes of the same style, and we were ruled out one by one. During that time, my whole person was crazy. I often yelled at my colleagues, and often acted on other criminal suspects who had just been arrested, and was eventually expelled. All this is because the female middle school teacher is my sister.
  The case cannot be solved, and our whole family endures great grief. In fact, my wife has always been very good to me, but I’m really out of shape. If I didn’t divorce during that time, or even I was still in the criminal police team, it would very likely lead to more serious consequences. Captain Li slapped me a few times on the freezing afternoon and hugged me and started crying. “Don’t worry, I will find the murderer, otherwise I won’t look down. You have to cheer up, I don’t want to see you like this.” Captain Li didn’t wake me up, but let me enter a long numb period. Captain Li’s younger brother worked as a manager in the mall. He introduced me and made me the captain of the mall’s security team. I stopped drinking, and stopped talking at the same time. I became extremely taciturn. I went to work on time every day and patrolled at points. I was insensitive, like a walking puppet. My wife came to the mall to see me after learning about my situation. Her tears flowed down her beautiful cheeks. I didn’t know what to do. I stood and watched her tears. It was not until the long four years that I was able to gradually hold the shadow of life in my heart, and I slowly realized that I should have an explanation to the wife who has been waiting for me. “I’m just an ordinary security captain, would you like to remarry?” My voice was unnatural. “I waited for this sentence for four full years.” His wife choked.
  We sold the original house and bought the staff and family building of the university where our wife was staying in the suburbs, just across the road from the school. Because of the construction, you have to walk a narrow road from the west gate to enter the community after crossing the road. Because the employee family building is close to the northern suburbs of the small city, there are not many people living even if it is cheap. The road to Ximen is desolate during the day and quiet at night. But after many things, my wife and I especially like quiet places. We all hope that life will no longer fluctuate from now on.
  My wife and I did find a shop selling second-hand furniture in a timber factory in the suburbs. “Now there are too few customers looking for carpenters to make furniture. If you are not in a hurry, wait for half a month and deliver it to your door.” It seems that the boss’s business is not good, and he does not want to lose every single order. “Don’t worry.” The wife said, handing over the dimensions and design drawings to the boss. The boss’s gaze was a bit dull, and the qi exhaled from his mouth instantly turned into white mist. The small town is not noisy in winter, especially in the outskirts. The occasional hooting of passing trucks makes the loneliness even more lonely. My wife put her hand in my coat pocket, we held each other’s hand tightly and walked in the biting cold wind.
  After half a month, the bookshelf that my wife likes really came. The actual product is better than the wife expected. Let’s move the bookshelf into the unoccupied north bedroom to enjoy. “Awesome!” said his wife, stroking the smooth painted surface of the bookshelf. “Isn’t this an extremely simple bookshelf? If I have the tools, I might be able to get it out.” In my eyes, this bookshelf is as simple as a supermarket container. “This is not called simple, of course it can be said to be simple. It is not simple to be able to achieve the ultimate in simplicity. Psychologically speaking, someone who can create such a simple and atmospheric bookshelf may have a complicated heart.” said his wife. “But didn’t you give the design drawings? The carpenter just did it according to your drawings. It is not the carpenter but you that are complicated.” My wife looked at me and smiled seriously. “My simple name is so simple, my nature is so. But you see how perfect the tenon and tenon are combined. Unlike other colleagues, this carpenter did not cover everything with lacquer, and the most difficult places were displayed brightly, even It’s a bit proud.” In fact, I can understand the judgment my wife said. I was lost in thought. The case four years ago flashed across my mind. There were only vague sneakers footprints at the scene, but they weren’t really vague. Through technical means, we inferred the suspect’s weight and height. He is about 1.7 meters tall and weighs about 65 kilograms. This is the height and weight of the student. Those indistinct footprints are more like evidence that the suspect intentionally left behind, like the exposed mortise and tenon in front of him.
  My wife looked at me dull and asked me to watch old VCDs with her. The movie is called “Death Induction”. It tells the story of the evil spirit Asaso possessing a body and wandering in the world endlessly. “Evil is contagious. When a person does evil, he will do more evil in order to cover up the truth, endlessly.” This is my emotion. “But people always have a conscience, and there will be times when the conscience is awakened.” My wife showed me this movie, in order to discuss the topic of metaphysics with me. But I used to be a policeman, and I habitually analyze problems from the perspective of human nature. “When people do evil the first time, they will be afraid, but they will get used to it from the second time. Evil people often know that they are doing evil, but cannot resist the temptation, they will choose the second and third “Just as we were chatting in a hurry, I received a call from Captain Li.

  ”The murder was committed in the southern suburbs last night. The modus operandi was the same as the murder case in the suburbs four years ago.” Captain Li on the other end of the phone panted, and I heard the sound of the cold wind blowing. “Come on, you must catch the murderer this time.” My mind seemed to be filled with all kinds of complicated emotions, and it seemed empty.
  I put on a military coat and took a taxi to the southern suburbs. I saw Captain Li on a blocked dirt road in the southern suburbs. He handed me a cigarette and lit one himself. When he squatted down, I also squatted down. “The deceased was forty-five years old, a female, and opened a home-cooked restaurant in the city. Her brother said that that night she drove his brother to build a house and borrowed 50,000 yuan from the village. His brother is about to get married and his home is in the southern suburbs. The first fifteen kilometers of the village.” I took a bit of a cigarette and looked at the rut and footprints in a daze. “Did you see anything?” Captain Li asked me. “It’s still those shoes.” Captain Li stood up and looked at the blood-red sunset and was silent for a long time. “It’s still the same as four years ago. It looks like a random crime, but the technique is sophisticated and it feels premeditated. But no matter what, the murderer must be caught this time.” Captain Li’s words did not seem to me. Make waves. It is difficult for me to describe how I feel.
  There was no snow in the small town in the winter four years ago, but the whole winter was moaning under the gloomy sky. This year’s winter is like the winter of four years ago. I had a dream that night when my sister’s cute face appeared in front of my eyes, she slowly approached me, muttering something in her mouth, until she was very close to me, I could not hear clearly. “Brother, my computer was robbed.” She said as she turned around, her head was black. I was awakened from my dream, cold sweat drenched all over my body. The next day, I quit my job as a security captain at the suggestion of my wife. That job was Captain Li taking care of me. When I walked out of the mall, Captain Li’s younger brother shook my hand and wished me the best. We have become good friends, and he has already understood my situation.
  I was at home during the day in a daze, and at night I often wandered in the countryside until late at night. One day my wife came home late. She said that when she came home from the road of Simon, she always felt that someone was following her. So, I hide under the tree by the road every night, trying to meet the heinous villain. But where are the wicked, only the dark shadows of the trees and the icy wind. There was no progress on Captain Li’s side. The town fell into panic. Police cars patrolled the suburbs at night. The news reminded citizens to reduce going out late at night, especially women, it is best to travel in groups.
  My mother had a heart attack in her hometown, and my wife offered to take care of my parents. “The old man is accustomed to living in Tukang, and he is definitely not used to small beds. Let’s get a more substantial bed!” At the suggestion of our wife, we went to the second-hand furniture store again. “I know you will come again.” The boss welcomed us warmly. “Why do you say that?” the wife asked. “Your last design drawing, Bai Carpenter particularly likes, he also said that people who can design such a simple bookcase, the demand has exceeded the furniture itself.” The boss said. “White Carpenter?” I asked. “Twenty years ago, Bai Carpenter made a living by making furniture. He has good craftsmanship and constant work, so he married and had children. But his wife became seriously ill and ran out of all her savings. He also bought the house that he had finally bought in the city. Sold. But his wife died in the end.” The boss seemed to tell the story of yesterday. “What happened later?” I asked. “Later! Alas! No matter whether you live in a city or a country, few people find a carpenter to make furniture. He bought a small yard in the outskirts to do some private work. However, his son is quite promising. He was admitted a few years ago. A prestigious university.” My wife and I sighed in unison. “Let White Carpenter fight it!” said his wife. I looked at the old furniture in the room and fell into deep thought.
  I received a call from Captain Li that night. “Although the footprints are the same, the weight has changed.” “What do you mean?” “Four years ago, the weight of the suspect was about 65 kg. Now it is about 85 kg.” “Any other findings?” The sneakers worn by the suspect were discontinued four years ago… that is to say, the suspect deliberately wore the shoes four years ago to commit the crime. “What does this mean? As far as the investigation of the case is concerned, it only provides a confused direction. If the direction is reversed, the only clue will be broken.
  I was still wandering in the suburbs late at night, my eyes fixed on a mature man. According to visual observation, he is about 1.7 meters tall and weighs about 85 kilograms. He is wearing a pair of old sports shoes and a black satchel. He wandered in a narrow alley in the northern suburbs for several nights. I secretly followed him home. His home is in two bungalows not far from the alley. He lives alone and works in the glass factory during the day. Taking advantage of the day, I sneaked into his home and saw the sneakers and the machete in the black satchel. When I called Captain Li, I suddenly heard the sound of a man opening the door. I wrestled with the man with the last bit of strength. I squatted continuously for days and nights, and I fainted unconsciously. When I woke up, I was already lying on the hospital bed. The nurse, Captain Li and his wife stood by the bed.
  ”Have you caught the murderer?” I said weakly. “What did you do? I ran into the glass factory worker’s house during the day, and they called the police that a thief had entered the house.” Captain Li’s words were angry and more distressed. “Shoes, machete, height, weight, late night…” I started talking nonsense. “Shoes are not the shoes we are looking for. As for the machete, you, it can be regarded as helping the police station to solve the case. The man used the machete to steal chickens at night. Recently, the suburban police station received a series of reports saying that his chickens were always caught late at night. People stole it. Besides, the machete won’t cause that kind of damage on the back of the head. However, you also did a good thing for the masses.” Captain Li pretended to be relaxed. I saw my wife’s tears flickering in the sun.
  Captain Li is right. The wound on the victim’s back was like a black hole dug from top to bottom with a very small shovel. A machete couldn’t cut such a wound. In the past four years, no one has been able to tell exactly what murder weapon the suspect used to commit the crime. For me, the most painful thing in the world is that the murderer in the suburbs has been at large. Four years ago, I was heartbroken for my sister’s death; four years later, my appearance seemed numb, but I felt even greater grief in my heart. I lay in the hospital for three days, and the sky outside the window was gloomy. I could feel the snowflakes flying on it, but I could not break through the clouds and land.
  Captain Li hasn’t called for many days. The day when my parents come to the town is approaching. At this time I received a call from the owner of the second-hand furniture store, “Your bed is finished, but the battery of the truck is broken. If you are not in a hurry, just wait a few days. If you are in a hurry, you can find a car by yourself and go to Bai Carpenter to pick up the goods. “My wife is at home on winter vacation, and I haven’t been out for several days. We decided to find a car by ourselves.
  It was a clean small courtyard with a wooden bed in the middle of the courtyard covered with plastic sheeting. Carpenter Bai uncovered the plastic sheet neatly, and his body made a circle around the bed. “It was not painted according to your requirements. How about it, are you satisfied?” His voice was low, as if he had been isolated from the outside world for a long time. The north wind was bitter, and the truck we found hadn’t come yet. Seeing my wife stomping her feet in the cold, I asked to sit in the house. Carpenter Bai reluctantly agreed to my request. The white carpenter’s house is very clean, unexpectedly clean, and everything is placed in a very proper place. On the wall, I saw two photos, one of a family of three, one of a father and son, and several certificates of honor. Bai Carpenter’s son is thin, and his height is very similar to that of Bai Carpenter. The wife praised Bai Carpenter’s son, and Bai Carpenter’s face finally showed a trace of pride that could not be concealed. “My son is writing a graduation thesis. He is academic. I didn’t graduate from junior high school. I didn’t understand the major he studied. He said that studying is almost like me learning carpentry. He called me a few days ago and said his computer is fast. No, I want to use the money saved by my tutor to buy a computer, and then repair the old computer for me to use it online.” Bai Carpenter smiled triumphantly. I had another occupational disease, and my eyes instinctively searched for the details in the room. “Does artisan carpenters have high demands on their own tools?” I asked. “It’s fine.” Bai Carpenter said. The white carpenter’s tools are placed in another room. They are actually very common tools, but in the white carpenter’s house, they look like works of art. “Your car is here.” When I wanted to ask further questions, Carpenter Bai reminded me. Obviously, he didn’t welcome us very much, or he lived alone for too long and it was difficult to communicate in a normal way.

  Back home, we placed the wooden bed in the bedroom. I lay down on the wooden bed and slept groggyly all night. Early in the morning, I was woken up by Captain Li’s call. “Another homicide occurred in the northern suburbs…I’m on the scene…Come on!” Captain Li has been trying to let me return to the team in the past few years. He has applied to superiors many times. Although they have been rejected, he has not given up. He once told me that he saw his own shadow from me.
  The location was an alley in the northern suburbs, and the deceased was a college student. This information was quickly found out. When my former colleague inspected the scene, he found a wallet in the deceased’s chest pocket, containing dozens of dollars in change, and a photo.
  ”The deceased is a senior. He will graduate next year and his family will be…” The former colleague reported to Captain Li. “I know where his home is. Captain Li, I’ll take you there.” I interrupted my colleague.
  me and Captain Lee came to the White House carpenter. I didn’t let Captain Li get out of the car and walked in alone. Carpenter Bai is working in the yard. He was surprised when he saw me coming in and then calm.
  ”It’s too cold, passing by, can I go in and sit?” I said as I walked into the white carpenter’s room. The room was as cold as a tomb. “The New Year is coming in a few days. Your son will be back soon, right?” I asked. “The coal in the stove is about to burn out. Wait a while, I’ll get some coal.” Bai Carpenter became more calm, and every word of his has the same pitch. He finished speaking and turned around and went out. It was indeed cold in the room, bitterly cold, and frighteningly cold. Carpenter Bai added coal to the stove and made me a cup of hot tea. He put the teacup on the painted kang table. I saw a computer bag at the Kang table. I stared at the computer bag blankly. “I know who you are.” Bai Carpenter’s voice went from calm to indifference. “Four years ago, there was a life case on the outskirts of a small city. The police checked the household registration from house to house. At that time, you came to my house. Yesterday, you and your lover came to fetch the wooden bed, and I recognized you at a glance.” He said as he stretched out his hand. Into the thick leather jacket. “Is the computer bought for your son?” I found out my cigarette and handed it to him. “Yeah! The computer is really not disabled. The old one has only been used for four years, so it won’t work anymore.” Bai Carpenter said that he was not used to my cigarettes, and after squeezing it out, he tried to take out his cigarettes from his arms. “Is this computer too late to open it?” I understand that people like Carpenter Bai, after murdering and robbery at night, were panicked and didn’t dare to turn over things in a short time. I opened the computer bag while talking. There were actually two computers inside, one was brand new, and the other was very old. I put the familiar old computer on the Kang desk, and my inference was confirmed. I bought this computer for my sister four years ago.
  Carpenter Bai took out his hand from his arms. The planed adze in his hand fell on the slate and made a crisp sound. It was a special planer adze, the blade was much wider than the ordinary planer adze, and it glowed gloomily on the cold ground. Carpenter Bai slipped off the kang.
  On the way to the Interpol, Carpenter Bai was sitting in the back row, sandwiched between two of my former colleagues, his head kept looking out the car window. “Don’t look, it’s snowing.” I whispered in the front passenger seat, and didn’t look back.