Oasis Past

  A night raid
  father talking about a story reclamation era.
  During the day it was too hot to wear a vest and shorts, and at night it was too cold to cover it with a thick quilt. Drowsiness due to cold and hot urine. Woke up at night to relieve him, thinking that there was a pile of people in front of him, but in fact it was Populus euphratica. Cut Populus euphratica and level the dunes. They are all Populus euphratica trees that are thousands of years old, with deep roots. Even digging out a Populus euphratica tree takes several days. Later, I planted the bud valley and lived in the ground nest. The bud valley seedlings grew out like a lake, and the ground nest looked like a big sand dune.
  Get up at night to relieve yourself, go up from the ground, do not waste, and urinate against the valley. One day late at night, my father went up to relieve him, and suddenly found that there were tall shadows around the diwozi. During the war, my father attacked the enemy’s camp at night. He turned and ran back to the ground-Diwozi, he called, we were surrounded. Diwozi’s comrades all woke up. The gun was in the warehouse, so he took Kantuman and rushed up. In the dim moonlight, he found that the enemy had retreated. The comrades all blamed him, and the good dream was interrupted.
  The next day, when the sky was overwhelmingly bright, he went to inspect the poplar trees that had been cut down, leaving no traces, surrounded by endless valleys, not as high as knees. My father thought he might be tired and confused, and even dozed off while standing and relieved. It is very possible that the cut Populus euphratica is still missing this place, and we occupy their base area.
  Pocket watch
  company where two people have tables. The company commander wears a watch, and my father holds a pocket watch. Some people say that a horse breeder still needs time? Horses also have a number of companies (including war horses).
  His father’s pocket watch was given to him before his comrades died. From time to time, he put the pocket watch to his ear, as if listening to the heartbeat of his comrades, listening to their comrades whispering. He won’t let me touch that pocket watch. However, the pocket watch suddenly disappeared.
  The stables are a paradise for children and animals. The chickens raised by the employees can drill or fly into the stables, and the friends also bring the dogs to play. The little friend vigorously helped to find the pocket watch, which made the dogs bark and dusty. The horses panicked. Father stopped chaos and blind actions. When it gets quiet, I said, Dad, I’ll help you find it.
  My father never put me in his eyes, he showed the expression of “dead horse as a living horse doctor”. I was like the stethoscope of a company hygienist. I jumped into the feed trough for a while, and then I lay my head sideways to my ears in the pen with horse dung, and finally heard the sound in the washer grass—the pocket watch was still walking. It was under the grass at the feet of a big-bellied mare. Fortunately, it is not yet time to wind up.
  The father said, boy, this time, how did your head work? I said that the stables were quiet, and the sound of the pocket watch could be heard. An expression of “Why didn’t I expect” appeared on his father’s face. Let me add one more sentence. You said that in one battle, your ears were close to the ground and you heard the enemy’s tank approaching.
  Trembling Populus
  reclamation years, this company an oasis or desert, his father saw Populus tree branches, it can be the rafters, covered in winter pen. On that day, there was no wind, the desert seemed to be holding its breath, everything was stagnant, and the leaves glowed with light. Father swung his axe and cut to the third time, feeling something was wrong. He saw the same thick branch on the other side of the tree, trembling, and the leaves full of branches trembling. He was frightened, he tried an axe again, and the same situation appeared again, as if cutting a branch on this side, and pain on the other side.
  The father was shocked. The two thick branches on a tree that meet the standards of rafters turned out to be like two raised arms in a welcoming gesture.
  All the Populus euphratica were cut down, and his father guarded the Populus euphratica and prevented it from being cut. He didn’t give the reason (who can believe it), but he made a suggestion to the company commander and hung the banner on the treetop: When work is over, you won’t get lost.
  Sunday morning, his father suddenly asked me to take on fishing gear, set out with. The harvested rice has been piled on the drying yard, and the water in the alkali drainage canal has stopped to be cleared. I have already dried my fishing net on the sorghum roof-I will use it next year. Now there are no more fish in the canal, but he wants to fish. Father must have found a place with fish.
  I do not ring. I know my father’s temper and can’t raise an objection. Like a reconnaissance squad, my father is carrying a triangular fishing net. I am holding an aluminum barrel and a stick. The stick is used to catch fish. The fields are empty and silent, the ground is full of rice stubble, there is no sound of running water, and the trees are falling leaves.
  I followed my father along the mechanical farming road. The soaking soil on the road made dust and smoke when I stepped on it. Passing by the channel where I had fished, my father showed no sign of stopping, he strode, and I had to trot to follow. The alkali drainage channel passes through the sea in the desert, and the water has dried up. I really want to remind: I have reached the end of the oasis, and then I will enter the desert. I dare not ring. Come out to fish when there is no fish, let father wake up. Children have no say.
  As soon as I stepped into the desert, I finally lost my breath and said, “How come there are fish in the desert?” Father looks back, you can’t walk at this point? The oasis is gradually behind us, the sand dunes are like huge waves, out of sight, and there are dead Populus euphratica.
  Suddenly, the father stopped. On the sandy ground, there are the remains of the flood, a big-headed fish from Xinjiang, with arms as thick as its arms, its body has shrunk, and the big head is left with an empty shell, like a specimen. I found that there was a group of small fish behind it, which had become dried fish, but maintained a swimming posture. The largest one seemed to be leading them. The head of the fish, like an arrow, pointed in the direction of the oasis. It probably sensed that the water would disappear in the desert, and it was too late to return.

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