May your sorrow die like a little fish

  From a certain day, my grandmother increased the amount of exercise in the morning. The frequency of neck twisting, shaking hands, and stepping on the spot has increased significantly.
  Grandma said: “Your cousin get married next month, I’m not too fat.”
  I said: “Older people, afraid.”
  Grandma said:. “Buttons clothes always buckle maintained it,”
  the grandmother also young people next door I bought an electronic scale for her and weighed her every day.
  I said: “This is the case for my little girl.”
  Grandma said solemnly: “You need to know how many catties you are when you are alive.”
  Having said that, when I asked grandma if I want to eat KFC, she still couldn’t bear it. The stay said: “You can just eat a chicken leg.”
  Before setting off, the grandmother even dressed up and took pictures in front of the mirror, just like going to a high-end restaurant for a dinner party.
  At that time, I was relatively low. I worked hard for a long time, and found that the company I worked for was not suitable for me, so I was going to resign, but I didn’t think about what to do.
  I plan to send my grandmother home and go to the playground for a while. When I’m depressed, I’ll take a roller coaster ride and play in free fall. It feels much better.
  Grandma learned that I was going to the amusement park, so she said she wanted to go together. The key is that she wants to invite me to play, because I have invited her to eat KFC.
  Grandma searched for the cash at home, and felt that it was not enough, so she had to go to the bank to withdraw money. I had no choice but to accompany her to the bank, but when she arrived at the bank, she touched it for a long time, and then took out an elderly bus card and said, “Dying, the card is wrong.”
  We silently exited the bank.
  I took my grandma to the Phoenix Mountain Amusement Park.
  I play roller coasters and pirate ships alone. As for the free fall, after going up, it came down silently-it was “fear of heights” just by looking at it.
  Grandma was sitting on a stool by herself, peeling a tea egg, and after peeling it, she handed it to me and said, “Eat, the egg inside is too expensive.” I ate it in one bite.
  Grandma sighed that she couldn’t do many things when she was old, and she couldn’t go to many places. For example, in some places it is stated that people over the age of 70 cannot play, and people with high blood pressure cannot play. For the grandmother, these are all sad sentences.
  Finally, grandma sat on the merry-go-round and bumper cars in the playground to watch various performances.
  Grandmother sitting on the Trojan rotation, said:. “Twenty years ago and, like ah,”
  I said: “Yes ah, when I was ten.”
  Grandma said:. “Yes ah, when I was five years old”
  five Ten years old is a very young age for grandmother.
  In the lively playground, the grandmother silently looked up at the thrilling project dangling in the blue sky, and then walked away lost.
  Grandma would always give some examples with heart and soul when she was feeling the changes of the times.
  She said, “Ten years ago, big hooks were popular on clothes.”
  I asked, “What about now?”
  Grandma said, “Now the clothes are all printed with’×× Takeaway’.”
  I said, “That’s it. It’s work clothes.”
  Grandma said: “When we used to farm, the word’farming’ was not printed on our clothes.”
  Indeed, the times are different.
  Because my grandmother, like me, has a special affection for Transformers, so when I came out of the playground, I took my grandma to watch the movie “Transformers”.
  During the more than two hours of watching the movie, my grandmother didn’t say a word, but watched very seriously.
  After watching, I asked my grandma: “How do you feel?”
  Grandma said: “Except for not understanding, everything else is very good.”
  This is the most classic film review I have ever heard.
  My grandma and I walked across the bar street on the Bund, neon flashing, and the music was blasting.
  Grandma said: “It’s more lively than the vegetable market.”
  The old Bund of Ningbo has been lively for more than 100 years. Since Ningbo was opened as a port in 1844, it has become a landmark of the city, which is more than 20 years earlier than the Bund of Shanghai. It has influenced the development of the city of Ningbo and left the memories of generations after generations. Young people have new stories here, and old people are looking for old memories here.
  Grandma walked, looking at the densely packed cars parked on the side of the road.
  Grandma said: “These cars are very good.”
  I said: “Girls who come to the bar like to drive a good car.”
  Grandma said thoughtfully: “You will also buy one in the future.” Then, Pointing to a domestic truck, “Buy this one, it’s big and beautiful.”
  Grandma doesn’t know the brand of the car. In her eyes, a car with a big body, a good-looking appearance and a painted surface that can reflect the shadow of a person is the best car. Up.
  There was a few light drops of rain in the sky, and there was rain on the windshield of my car. Grandma stood by the car, took out a tissue from her pocket, and tremblingly helped me wipe off the rain in front of the windshield.
  At this moment, I just started the car and I was a little touched to see this scene. At the same time, I swiped the rain, and the rain on the windshield was swept away.
  Grandma took a tissue and said, “Wow, so advanced, your car is also very expensive.”
  I was at a loss for words.
  I am driving in a city with shining lights, and I will quit my job in three days. After two years of hard work, I didn’t seem to get anything, I don’t know where to start again, and what to do in the future, my future is at a loss.
  I listened to the music on the radio and drove the car without saying a word.
  Grandma glanced at me and asked, “What’s wrong? Have you encountered difficulties?”
  I suddenly changed my expression and said, “No, I’m listening to music on the radio.”
  Grandma said, “It’s been three minutes. The old Chinese doctor sells health products.”
  The sound of the old Chinese doctor’s voice came from the radio: “Call our hotline, the last two boxes tonight.”
  I said, “What difficulties can I have?” My
  grandmother said, “Young people must have more difficulties than our old people.”
  I thought about it and said, “The fish I raised yesterday died. It has been raised for several months. The
  moonlight outside the window is still bright, and life is like this sometimes when I grow up. Choosing a path is like experiencing a life, feeling every loneliness, and passing every day and night. In this way, the cycle goes back and forth, moving forward on the lost path.