Keep the desktop tidy

  From the desktop to the drawer, everything is in a mess, which is a common problem for many people. Why can’t you have a neat desk? Because chaos is a symbol of busyness, you have no time to sort out, and you have to invest in new tasks. So before I knew it, I fell into a vicious circle of “busy-no time to organize-lower work efficiency-more hectic”.
  To cut this vicious circle, try “return the desktop to zero”.
  Pack all the sundries piled up on the tabletop and surroundings into cartons or paper bags without hesitation. Don’t doubt, this is an emergency method. As long as you move the things you don’t use now out of sight, you can improve your work efficiency.
  When the desktop is in a mess, not only the things you want to use are often overwhelmed, you also have to spend time rummaging through it. Now, if you still need these things, it’s not too late to find them out of the box or bag.
  Some people may think that it takes time to dig through boxes and cabinets, which is similar to finding what you need from a mess of things. However, now you can see the urgent items to be handled and the information to be consulted at a glance, and the efficiency will definitely increase rapidly.
  Not everything that was piled up in the surroundings has to be kept. Things that have not been used once in 7 days need not be placed on the table at all.
  You can check regularly, leave things you need to use recently, and then consider how to organize them.
  Next, I will teach you the “housing method”. After choosing what to leave on the table, many people will put it all back, just filling the table, which is not enough. Remember, the table can only be placed eighth full. If you fill up the desk and drawers from the beginning, there will be no place for new things in the future, let alone storage or organization. Please remember the “80% principle”, because new things are added very quickly.
  Also pay attention to “fix the position of things”, this is very important. If you develop the habit of putting the pen here, the eraser there, and knowing the location of each item, you can easily get it when you use it.

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