Goldsmith and Nanaki

  When grandpa was alive, he would buy a pair of gold earrings for grandma every year. After receiving the earrings, my grandma would go to the goldsmith, melt the new earrings with the old earrings, and recast a pair.
  After my grandma passed away, her pair of gold earrings was left to me. I don’t have the habit of wearing jewelry, so my mother suggested that I melt them and cast them into a pendant for collection as a memento: “Go to your grandma’s goldsmith, your grandma will look for it, you can’t be wrong.” The
  next day, I went to the goldsmith at the address my mother gave me. The old goldsmith is more than ancient, sitting in a wheelchair and wearing a hearing aid. I was about to explain why, but he waved his hand, and only touched the inside of the earrings: “This was cast by me
  in 2011. Do you want to clean it or recast it?” Grandpa passed away in 2011, a year later. , Grandma was paralyzed by a stroke, and this pair of earrings never added weight.
  Hearing that I wanted to recast, the old goldsmith put on reading glasses, took out the pen and paper, and began to communicate with me. I pulled out the picture of Nanaki from the cartoon “From the Abyss” from my phone-I think the best way to remember a person is to turn the things she left for you into things you really love.
  The old goldsmith expressed deep contempt for my aesthetics. In a few strokes, he sketched out an image similar to the rabbit’s master: “This is not much better than your rabbit!”
  ”Nanaqi is not a rabbit!”
  The first communication between me and the old goldsmith broke up due to aesthetic differences. . Later, every few days, his apprentice would send me a rabbit pattern newly designed by the old goldsmith, and I insisted on only Nanaki.
  ”Why can’t you follow my picture?” I asked.
  The apprentice said that the old goldsmith worked in a gold shop when he was young. The year he joined was the year of the rabbit, followed by the year of the dragon and the year of the snake…every year he designs a zodiac pendant. In the thirteenth year of work, when he was about to design a new rabbit pendant, the leader told him that it would be good to take out the mold from the past and infuse it again. He refused, and was expelled from Jindian after arguing with the leader.
  ”So he has an obsession with rabbits?” I understand. But I also have an obsession with Nanaki, so I asked the apprentice to send back the pair of earrings.

  Just after this year, I received a courier, which contained a pure gold pendant-a little rabbit sitting in a round window like a full moon, the window frames staggered horizontally and vertically, forming a “happy” character. Grandma is a rabbit, and there is a “happy” in the name.
  The old goldsmith’s apprentice called me and said that the old man had passed away a year ago. While sorting out the old man’s belongings, he found various rabbit pendants, which were marked with the names and contact information of regular customers who had been patronizing for many years.
  Recasting gold jewellery will inevitably be lost. When the gold accumulates to a certain number of grams, the old goldsmith will design a rabbit pendant for regular customers. At this time, he can play freely without having to endure the strange aesthetics of customers.
  ”Is the old man walking peacefully?” I asked the apprentice.
  The apprentice smiled: “You are the last guest he received. The day he left, he was still talking before going to bed, saying that your rabbit is so ugly.”
  ”Nanaqi is not a rabbit!”

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