Byers withdraws, Russian women’s gymnastics team wins first gold

The women’s gymnastics team finals for the Tokyo Olympics ended on the evening of the 27th. Before the game, the American team, which was generally optimistic about achieving three consecutive championships, was thrown into chaos because the main player Byers unexpectedly withdrew, and only won the silver medal. It was the Russian Olympic Committee team (pictured) that won the gold medal. This is the first time that Russia has won the women’s gymnastics team championship since the 1996 Olympics formed a single team. The Chinese team finally finished seventh.

The women’s gymnastics team finals on the evening of the 27th was the most full competition a “Global Times” reporter has experienced since the opening of the Olympics. Ten minutes before the start of the game, the press stand was almost full, and there were many cheering groups from various countries around the stands below the press stand. As the last Olympic Games and the 2019 World Gymnastics World Championships women’s team champion, the American team led by Olympic gold medalist Byers is quite popular. However, after the end of the first round of vaulting, Byers suddenly withdrew, adding variables to the defense of the US team. As a result, the Russian Olympic Committee team ranked first in the preliminaries had the last laugh, winning the championship with a total score of 169.528, the US team won the runner-up with 166.096, and the British team won the bronze medal with 164.096. The Chinese team ranked seventh with a total score of 161.196, which is a lot worse than the bronze medal in the last Rio Olympics.

As the men’s team had already won the men’s team championship the day before, the number of gold medals in the gymnastics of the Russian Olympic Committee team has exceeded the previous year before the individual all-around and individual event finals have yet to start. In response, Russian Sports Minister Matychin congratulated the team members: “They brought Russia the first Olympic gold medal in the event. Our athletes have shown true champion qualities and they deserved to win Olympic gold medals.” The President of the Russian Olympic Committee Poznyakov also said that the success of the Russian gymnasts will inspire more young people to engage in this sport. The Russian media can’t hide their joy. The Russian “Sports Express” commented on the women’s team’s summit as “another historic victory for Russia at the Tokyo Olympics” and stated that “if the men’s team’s victory the day before was relatively predictable, then the women’s team’s victory would be Unexpectedly. The last time the women’s team won gold in the Olympics can be traced back to 1992, when the CIS team also had Chusovikina.”

There is no doubt that Byers’ withdrawal will have an important impact on the gold medal of the women’s gymnastics team at the Olympic Games. According to a report by CNN on the 27th, Byers said after the game that he chose to withdraw from the team finals that day due to psychological problems. When asked if he would participate in Thursday’s all-around finals, Byers answered in the affirmative.