Animals that “will not get sick”

  Everyone is likely to suffer from various diseases. Even people with a strong sense of health care are inevitably overwhelmed by the smallest germs. Other animals can also get sick, from domestic animals such as cows, horses, and pigs to pets such as kittens and puppies. They are also often tortured by various diseases. That’s why there are specialized veterinarians and pet hospitals to treat sick animals. There are some characters in nature who are “invincible”, they never get sick! Are you so lucky? Who are they?
  Sharks never cancer
  Scientists have long noted sharks life never seems to suffer from cancer, in order to verify this, they prepared an experiment for the shark.
  In the experiment, scientists kept some sharks in a closed space filled with aflatoxin and seawater. Aflatoxin was born from moldy peanuts and sunflower seeds, which is a strong carcinogen. Despite being in such a terrible environment for several years, none of these sharks had cancer! This is how it happened?
  After painstaking research, scientists finally discovered the mystery. It turns out that in shark cartilage, there is a substance that can inhibit the growth of blood vessels and tumor cells in solid tumors. Scientists named it as inhibiting vascular growth factor; in addition, shark cartilage contains mucopolysaccharides, chondroitin sulfate and other substances, which can improve the body The production of antibodies activates important functional cells in the immune system, improves immune function, inhibits inflammation, and has immunity to all bacteria.
  This is the secret that sharks do not suffer from cancer for life.
  Ants can be self-made antibiotics
  say the sun is the energy source of the survival of life, but the tiny ants, although living in dark, damp underground, but never get sick, which is why it?
  Scientists have discovered through research that the body structure of ants is very unique. They have a unique gland in their body that can produce antibiotic-like substances to inhibit various germs, so that ants have special immune functions and can resist many diseases. In addition, the acetic acid secreted by the ants has a strong bactericidal effect. The combination of the two makes the little ants have a tenacious body that will not get sick.
  Those flying insects that don’t get sick
  Do you know that the three common small flying insects in our lives-mosquitoes, flies and bees, are the masters who do not get sick!
  Metabolism is the nemesis of diseases and bacteria, and the metabolism of mosquitoes is very rapid. After the food is consumed, it is digested and absorbed immediately. Before the bacteria can settle in the mosquito’s body, they are excreted by the brain.
  We all know that flies often linger in the environment that humans most avoid. These places are not only “unbearable”, but also the places with the most bacteria and viruses. Without a “skill”, do the flies dare to do whatever they want? They have a strong immune system in their bodies, can synthesize antibacterial active proteins, and have extremely strong bactericidal ability. Only 1 ml can kill all pathogenic bacteria in the body!
  Little bees are responsible for the pollination of many flowering plants on the earth. Of course, nature will not treat them badly. The bee venom in bees contains a highly physiologically active hemolytic substance-melittin, which can be antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and stimulate the pituitary and adrenal system; in addition, the propolis in honey is also more effective against germs and molds. Strong suppression and killing effect. Because of this, bees rarely get sick.
  Envy? Don’t patronize the “jealous”, what mankind has to do is to continue to study these friends who are not sick, and then it is possible to use their “superpowers” on themselves in the future.

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