80 wildfires ravage 13 U.S. states

While many European countries were plagued by floods, many American states were hit by wildfires. According to a CNN report on the 19th, the latest statistics from the National Interagency Fire Center of the United States show that there are currently 80 large-scale wildfires raging in 13 US states, most of which occurred in Montana, Ireland. In Daho, California, and Oregon, the fires covered 1,157,976 acres of land and green space. Currently, there are about 20,000 firefighters in various regions of the country fighting fires.

On the 18th, Oregon Governor Brown announced that the state was in a state of emergency due to wildfires. The Butlerg fire in the southern part of the state near the California border is the worst. As of the afternoon of the 18th, the fire area has reached 298,662 acres. “USA Today” reported that the forest fires in southern Oregon spread to the same size as Los Angeles. The fire destroyed 75 buildings and about 2,000 people were forced to evacuate.

The Oregon Forest Service Emergency Commander Hassell said on the 18th that the fire was violent, advancing 4 to 5 miles a day. Marcus Kaufman, spokesman for the state forestry bureau, said that more than 2,100 firefighters and more than 10 fire-fighting helicopters participated in the extinguishment of fire. They have already controlled part of the fire, but it is impossible to predict when the wildfire will be fully controlled.

As of the 18th, the Tamarack wildfire near the border between California and Nevada has expanded to 18,299 acres, and the fire is still not under control. The fire started on July 4 and was triggered by lightning. The fire broke out near Alps County, California. Some campsites and communities in the area have been forcibly evacuated. The fire also destroyed at least three buildings and crossed Highway 89 at one point.

Apart from wildfires, parts of Idaho and Montana are still suffering from high temperatures. The National Weather Service said that high temperature red warnings have been issued in southwestern Idaho and eastern Oregon. High temperature can be described as a combustion-supporting agent for wildfires. American meteorologists predict that the wildfires in California and southern Oregon will last for at least a few days. Schoenin, a meteorologist at the Salt Lake City Branch of the National Weather Service, said that the hot, dry, and windy weather may last until the 19th. The temperature in southern Oregon and parts of Montana and Idaho may approach 37.8 degrees Celsius. Lightning may occur in northern California, Oregon, and Idaho, causing more fires. CNN meteorologist Norman also said that due to dry thunderstorms and high temperature weather, the risk of fires in the western United States will continue.