Will corpses rot when floating in space?

First of all, let’s understand the prerequisite for decay, that is, microorganisms. This microorganism includes bacteria and fungi. The phenomenon of decay is very common on the earth. Microorganisms will continuously decompose organisms, decomposing complex organic matter in animal and plant residues into simple inorganic matter and returning to nature for recycling.

So what if the body is in space?

First of all, don’t worry about whether there are microbes in space. Our human body contains ten times more microbes than cells. If the environmental conditions are reached, decay will inevitably occur. As for the extreme environment in space, whether it can decay to a specific situation is analyzed in detail.

Far from the galaxy
If it is far away from the galaxy, the corpse will cool to near the freezing point in a few days, and then slowly approach absolute zero. In such an environment, there is no time for the bacteria in the body to multiply. At the same time, it loses activity due to low temperature. Therefore, the decomposition process may be extremely slow, running through hundreds to thousands of years.

In low earth orbit
Without a spacesuit, the corpse would be heated to a very high temperature during the day, and the water would evaporate very quickly, basically too late to decay. The temperature will drop at night, and the corpse will turn into a mummy in a short period of time, and will gradually decompose under the action of sunlight and cosmic rays.

If you are wearing a spacesuit, the temperature rise and fall will be slower. The reflectivity of the spacesuit is different, the temperature of the body will also be different. If the temperature is too high, it will kill the microorganisms in the body, and at the same time the flesh of the corpse will become the same as the minced meat in the rice cooker.

If the maximum temperature is lower than 45 degrees, it will be a period when bacteria are very active at first. The corpse will quickly decay, consuming the oxygen in the spacesuit. When the oxygen is exhausted, anaerobic bacteria begin to take over the baton and continue to multiply. At this time the corpse will start to ferment and then ferment…

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