Urge people to get vaccines and send cars to Moscow lottery

In order to speed up the vaccination rate and curb the surge in new crown cases, the mayor of Moscow, the Russian capital, Sergey Sobyanin announced on the 13th that vaccinated citizens can participate in a lottery to win cars.

Russian Satellite Network reported on the 14th that Sobyanin said on social media: “We already have a reward program for vaccinated Moscow residents over 60 years old, and now we have an additional incentive for all vaccinated people over 18 years old. Measures.” He said that from June 14 to July 11, any resident over 18 who received the first dose of the new crown vaccine will automatically be eligible for the lottery. There are a total of 5 award-winning places each week, and the prize is a car with a market price of about 1 million rubles (approximately 89,000 yuan).

Sobyanin pointed out that vaccinated citizens will “get health and peace of mind”, which is far more important than a car. The epidemic has rebounded recently in Moscow, and the city’s vaccination speed is still not optimistic. Sobyanin stated on May 21 that only 1.3 million of Moscow’s population of more than 12 million had received the first dose of the vaccine. Sobyanin announced last Saturday that Moscow will be a holiday this week.

Comprehensive South Korea’s “Joongang Ilbo” and “Chosun Ilbo” reported on the 14th that the South Korean government posted on the 13th the “Government of the Republic of Korea” Facebook and Twitter account with the title “Seeing South Korea’s (International) Status from a Photo” Promotional poster (pictured below).

The photo in the poster is set in Cabis Bay, Cornwall, UK. South Korean President Moon Jae-in stands between US President Biden and British Prime Minister Johnson. Soon many netizens discovered that the photo uploaded by the South Korean government was different from the original photo (above), and the South African President Ramaphosa standing on the far left was cropped. Some netizens believed that this was done deliberately to make Moon Jae-in look like he was standing in the middle. Some netizens also pointed out that this is diplomatic rudeness. Some netizens mentioned that Ramaphosa is the only black person in the photo, and the South Korean government’s move is likely to trigger controversy about racial discrimination.

As the dispute continues to expand, the National Communication Office of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, which manages the account of the “Government of the Republic of Korea”, replaced the photos and stated that “errors occurred in the process of image production and corrections were made”, and that “the content production will be more cautious” “. A related person in the National Communication Office explained that when the designer uploaded the picture, he edited the picture in order to see it more clearly, and the manager uploaded the picture before confirming it. The relevant person also said, “It is not to highlight President Moon Jae-in, but simply a production error.”

Tens of thousands of people marched in Madrid, the Spanish capital. More than 100,000 people took to the streets of Madrid and raised the Spanish flag against “Prime Minister Sanchez intends to amnesty Catalan independents.”

According to a report by Spanish TV 1 on the 14th, the Spanish flags held by these protesters were purchased from Chinese-run shops. Because the size of the flag varies, the price is generally 4 to 7 euros (about 31 yuan to 54 yuan). RMB).

It is reported that Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez is considering using the Prime Minister’s amnesty power to grant amnesty to a number of “Canada Independence” persons in early July to ease tensions between Madrid and Catalonia, but this idea has met with opposition from many people. Opponents believe that according to the law, those who are amnesty must first confess their guilt, but none of the “Canada Independence” people confessed guilt. If an amnesty is imposed on them, it will “encourage their arrogance.”

a 56-year-old American man who specializes in diving for lobster fishing, was swallowed by a humpback whale while diving offshore in the small town of Province, Massachusetts on the morning of the 11th.

According to reports, Packard stayed in the humpback whale’s mouth for 30 to 40 seconds, and then the humpback whale surfaced and spat him out. Fortunately, after this catastrophe, only the soft tissue of his leg was injured, not broken. Packard recalled that when he was snorkeling 14 meters underwater, he suddenly felt a huge bump, and his side suddenly became pitch black. Then Packard realized that he was swallowed by a whale and was very worried about not surviving. Colleagues who dived with Packard to catch lobsters said that they saw whales surfaced and spit Packard out.

Experts pointed out that direct interaction between humpback whales and humans is extremely rare. Humpback whales adopt a sprint feeding method. When they find a school of fish, they will accelerate and rush, and when they approach the school of fish, they will open their mouths to swallow the food and seawater together with the help of momentum. Experts believe that Packard happened to be swallowed by the humpback whale while it was eating, but the whale itself did not want to eat him, just like a cyclist accidentally ingested a fly with one mouth.