More than 40,000 people petition “Don’t let Bezos return to Earth”

More than 40,000 people in the United States petition: Don’t let the super-rich Bezos return to Earth after his space travel. According to a report by Business on the 20th, Amazon founder and super-rich Jeff Bezos previously announced in a high-profile manner that he will travel in space on the “New Shepard” spacecraft on the 20th of next month. Three days after he announced the news, a petition with the theme “Don’t Let Bezos Return to Earth” appeared on the Internet. As of the publication of Business Insider, the petition received more than 41,000 people’s support.

One of the petition initiators, Otis, said that Bezos is an “evil overlord who is determined to rule the world”. He called on everyone to prevent Bezos from returning to Earth and said that “the destiny of mankind is in your hands.” Those who supported the petition also expressed their thoughts, “The earth does not need super-rich people like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Elon Musk!” Some people ridiculed, “Whether it is on the earth or on the earth. There should be no super-rich in space. But if the super-rich wants to go to space, just stay there and don’t come back.”

in response to the collective food poisoning incident on campus in Toyama City recently, the Toyama City Health Center announced that the cause of food poisoning among students was the problem of feeding milk. The milk supplier Uchida Dairy Co., Ltd. has been requested Closed business.

According to the report, from June 17 to 18, a total of 1,212 students and teachers in 6 kindergartens, 16 elementary and middle schools, and 2 high schools in Toyama City developed symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, and vomiting. One of them was hospitalized. Toyama City Board of Education Deputy Director Hidetoshi Okubo said on the 17th, “We deeply apologize to students, faculty, staff, and parents for such a tragic incident.” The Toyama City Board of Education analyzed that it caused collective diarrhea among students and teachers. Symptoms such as, abdominal pain, etc., may be due to food poisoning, but it is not clear which link has the problem.

On June 19, the Toyama City Health Center held a press conference to announce that the cause of the uncomfortable symptoms of a large number of students and teachers was that the storage milk tanks and the tubes connected to the milk tanks of the Uchida Dairy Company in the city were not cleaned in place, causing students and teachers Mass food poisoning, but the pathogen has not been determined yet. In addition, the Toyama City Health Center is based on the Food Sanitation Law of Japan

Uchida Dairy Company was given a suspension of business.

In April of this year, the Toyama City Health Center went to Uchida Dairy Company for a routine inspection, and no problems were found at that time. On June 19, Toyama City Health Center’s Life Hygiene Division Chief Suzuki Tokatsu said at a press conference, “Although (we) will regularly enter relevant companies for inspections, I feel very sorry that food poisoning incidents still occur.” Uchida was punished by suspension of business. Yoshio Uchida, chairman of the Dairy Company, said in an interview with the media: “Although I don’t know the specific cause of the poisoning incident, (my) heart is full of apologies and very regretful.”

In recent years, incidents of collective food poisoning in Japanese schools have occurred from time to time. In February this year, five middle schools in Ageo City, Saitama Prefecture suffered mass food poisoning. A total of 718 students and teachers experienced abdominal pain and fever. Japanese netizens are also very concerned about the recurrence of large-scale collective food poisoning. Some netizens left a message saying, “Uchida Dairy was given a sanction of suspension of business, did the school fail to supervise it?” “Under the epidemic, a mass food poisoning incident occurred, which is really terrifying.”

Belarusian President Lukashenko called himself “the glucose of adults” when he visited the children’s hospital. Russia’s “Communist Youth League Pravda” reported on the 20th that Lukashenko inspected the Second Children’s Clinic in Minsk on the 19th. During the inspection, he had a cordial conversation with the children.

In one of the wards, he saw a bottle of glucose on the table and explained its effects to the sick little boy next to him. He said: “I am an adult’s glucose. I can treat adults, and when you grow up, I will become your glucose.” The little boy didn’t react for a while, Lukashenko said with a smile. You can think about it.” During the inspection, he also asked about the level of antibodies in the body of the dean who had been infected with new coronary pneumonia after he recovered. Lukashenko joked that he had also had new coronary pneumonia, but now he has enough antibodies.