Jump out of the “mud”

  When the dividends of flow and capital peak, it becomes more urgent for the in-depth layout of the industrial Internet. Practice has proven that only relying on the drive of capital and harvesting traffic cannot bring about long-term development. Only by returning to the industry and the entity is the correct development path in the post-Internet era. The Industrial Internet was born under this background.
  However, the followers of the industrial Internet seem to be immersed in the dream of the consumer Internet era. Although they continue to verbally promote the many differences between the industrial Internet and the consumer Internet, their bodies do not listen to them during the actual landing process. Called to step into the same river as the consumer Internet.
The “painted skin” of the consumer Internet?

  Because of this, even in the age of industrial Internet, we still see the decisive role played by platform giants. Rather than saying that the Industrial Internet is a brand-new species, it is still a new concept for platform players.
  Finding the correct development posture that truly belongs to the industrial Internet, rather than just seeing the industrial Internet as the “coat” and “painted skin” of the consumer Internet, is the key to ensuring that the industrial Internet can be stable and far-reaching.

  When the industry Internet opened up, we saw the first Internet platform giants represented by Alibaba, Tencent, and JD.com to join. Under the guidance of the S2B business model, we saw a brand new platform model. The rise of.
  This brand-new platform model is no longer just for matching and intermediary, but for deep empowerment of technology.
  Although the players’ focus has changed, the underlying logic of this business model is still the platform economy, and there are not many real changes.
  In the final analysis, the industrial Internet development model that focuses on providing technology and service empowerment is still a platform model, but the object of transformation has changed from the C-side to the B-side.
  Obviously, this development method based on the platform economy as the underlying logic cannot perfectly interpret the industrial Internet itself. The real industrial Internet should be a de-platformed existence. In other words, in the age of the industrial Internet, the classic platform as we know it will no longer exist, but will become a part of the industry.
  From this perspective, the practice of using the logic of the consumer Internet to view and practice the Industrial Internet is obviously outdated. Only when the influence of the platform is truly eliminated, and the players of the Industrial Internet can truly become a part of the industry, can the Industrial Internet truly become a part of the industry. Development has jumped out of the vicious circle of consumer Internet and entered a new era.
  Of course, even if you change your thinking and jump out of the logic of the consumer Internet to build an industrial Internet, you will find that it is still a difficult task. The reason is that the industrial Internet has a complex industrial chain, separates each other, and is difficult to digitally interconnect.
  First of all, different from e-commerce in the consumer sector, the industry chain in the production sector narrowly includes related departments and enterprises from raw materials to end products, and broadly includes upstream basic technology, technology research and development, and downstream end users. In addition, the industrial chain is rarely a static one-way chain, and most of it is a constantly changing complex network.
  Second, the companies in the industry chain are independent of each other and have uneven digital capabilities. Although they have upstream and downstream relationships, it is difficult to penetrate more levels. Therefore, the interconnection of the industry chain is often limited to a certain level and a certain range. Many so-called “industrial Internets” are just “enterprise Internets” centered on a certain company.
  From the perspective of the industrial chain, once a broad and full-chain industrial interconnection is formed, an “industrial data chain” is built, and enough “industrial data” is accumulated, the industry can be more and more accurately described and predicted. With a certain algorithm, the economic activities of the industry will become more visible, feedback and predictable, and the planning of the operation of the industry will be profoundly changed.
Restructuring the industry is inevitable

  One of the most important ways to build an industrial data chain and subvert the industrial Internet is to restructure the industry.
  Find new development possibilities by breaking the traditional logic of industry operation and reconstructing a new industry operation logic. Therefore, the essence of the Industrial Internet is the remixing of internal and even external elements in the industry, and the final result is the restructuring of the industry.
  Only by truly grasping the nature of the remixing of the industrial Internet can we examine and treat the development of the industrial Internet from the perspective of restructuring the industry. The so-called industrial remixing is actually to break the already-formed monolithic industrial operation logic, and to find a new logic for industrial development after remixing. When the industrial Internet actions we have done in the name of the industrial Internet cannot bring remixing to the industry, the so-called industrial Internet is actually no different from the consumer Internet.
  Restructuring the industry is inevitable. Because after the completion of the in-depth transformation of the industry, the development logic and model that have been formed must be urgently needed to be improved. Even if we do not aim to restructure the industry, once we complete the remixing of the industry, it will be inevitable to restructure the industry.
  Once the restructuring of the industry occurs, the ultimate goal of the industrial Internet begins to appear. What we are seeing now is the wave of digitalization that is proceeding in full swing. It is actually the beginning of industrial remixing. After the industrial remixing is completed, these scattered elements will be recombined and constructed. As a result, a brand new The era of development can truly come.
  When the dividends of the consumer Internet ceased, the advent of the industrial Internet era opened up a new era of development.
  The current wave of digitization is actually the “first march” in the age of the industrial Internet. When the digital economy gradually matures, industrial remixing begins to appear, and the elements of traditional industries begin to be broken up. Under the impetus of new technologies and new models, industrial restructuring will become a necessity.
  At this time, the so-called industrial Internet can break out of the turmoil of the consumer Internet and truly enter a new era with its own colors and flavors.