Hunting adventure

  Many years ago, I had the privilege of interviewing an experienced hunter. In small talk, he told me about a hunting adventure-
  it was just Lixia that year, and the temperature was not high. Especially in the dense forest where sunshine is hard to see all year round, you will feel a little coolness.
  On this day, the hunter wandered through the airtight forest with a shotgun on his shoulders as usual. The woods are very quiet. Lin Tao, triggered by the occasional gust of wind blowing from the ridge, undulates through the forest like a sea wave. In addition to the chirping of birds, there are also the chirping of small insects in the woods that are difficult to name.
  The hunter waded through the waist-deep thatch in the forest and searched vigilantly. Sensitive ears are constantly receiving all kinds of sounds like radio waves in the woods.
  By the side of a jujube tree with a crooked neck, he heard the rustle in the miscellaneous trees not far away. There seemed to be a sharp head dangling by in the grass. He quickly rubbed his eyes, but everything was calm again. He thought it was his own illusion, and didn’t care very much, but at this moment, a fire-like wild thing suddenly burst out of the thorns.
  He took a closer look and found that it was a red fox. The inverted triangle head, the white face is very conspicuous. The sharp ears have black stripes around the ears, and the auburn hair is as smooth and bright as satin. Shining eyes searched around.
  The red fox saw the hunter with the shotgun on his shoulder, his eyes were full of fear, turned around quickly, and flexibly entered the nearby dense forest.
  Ha, what a beautiful fur! How much is it worth? The hunter didn’t want to let go of this opportunity to make a fortune, and quickly caught up with his gun.
  He headed into the dense forest, and the cunning red fox was long gone. The hunter stopped and looked around and found that in the dense forest dozens of steps away, a flaming figure was also raising his head to look around, as if he was also looking for him.
  The hunter is very strange. Wild animals in the forest often run away when they encounter hunters with shotguns on their shoulders. Now this red fox looks like a companion waiting for the game, his eyes are clearly full of provocation, why is this?
  The hunter’s dignity is facing challenges, and he has no time to think, carrying a gun and desperately catching up.
  In this way, the red fox and the hunter played a game of cat and mouse in the dense forest. The red fox always leads not far ahead, shuttles through the dense forest.
  The hunter didn’t bring a hound that day. He knew that although he could walk fast in the woods, it would be thankless to deal with the dexterous red fox. So he stopped his steps and stopped to observe.
  The red fox seemed to be aware of his unintentional love for war, and became more frantic, even lying on the ground not far away. The cunning eyes were clearly laughing at him: how? Can’t beat me!
  How could the hunter bear such insults. With a hot head, he carried a shotgun and rushed forward like flying. The red fox ran in front, and the hunter chased after him, and he overcame two cols in one breath.
  The red fox seemed to be confident, and the fire-like figure appeared from time to time in the jungle. The hunter also insisted that Qingshan did not relax, so he staged a battle between humans and foxes in the dense forest. After some repeated games, in the end, the red fox disappeared without a trace.
  After this long journey, the hunter was already so tired and panting, he had to sit down, take the kettle from his body, and rest while drinking, waiting for the red fox to show up again. He always felt that the human-fox battle, directed and performed by the Red Fox, was far from the time for the curtain call.
  But the hunter was wrong again. What he didn’t expect was that the red fox disappeared and never appeared again. When the hunter was lost, he couldn’t help but fall into contemplation. Recalling the somewhat abnormal behavior of Red Fox just now, a series of questions popped up in his mind. He believed that the meticulous performance of the red fox must have its ulterior motives.
  After contemplation, the hunter suddenly realized. The cunning red fox deliberately induced him to leave the place where they met. There must be its secretive secrets there.
  The hunter decided to kill the carbine back to find the secret of the red fox.
  The hunter relied on his astonishing memory, along the winding mountain roads, traversing dense forests, and finally found the crooked-neck jujube tree. Because he had been immersed in his own thinking, he didn’t find the red fox that was quietly stalking him.
  The hunter carefully searched the place where he found the red fox, and finally found a secret hole in a bush. The entrance of the hole was cleverly covered by a clump of weeds, and it would be difficult to find the cleverly decorated hole if you were not paying attention.
  Push away that clump of weeds. The hunter found that this was a masterpiece of the nest-building master badger in the forest. The red fox is a typical tramp in the woods, and rarely builds its own nest. I usually hide in Tibet, and only when I have children, I will use clever ways to seize the badger’s lair and use it as a place for my own children.
  Opening the secret cave, the hunter found three young red foxes in the cave.
  It seems that the little guys have just been full of the moon, just like three little red pompoms, their fur is bright and cute. The little guys were obviously frightened by this uninvited guest, staring at a pair of small horrified eyes, squeezing each other, curled up in the corner of the cave.
  As soon as the hunter stretched out his hand to catch them, the little guys trembled and wailed like a cry for help, seeming to say to the hunter: “Who are you? What are you going to do? I want my mother!” The
  hunter was heartbroken and stopped. There is the joy of just capturing.
  Facing the isolated and helpless little red fox, he hesitated unexpectedly, not knowing what to do.
  The hunter finally understood that the scene of the battle between humans and foxes meticulously directed by the red fox just now was just to protect his children from being discovered by the hunters. Poor parents in the world, even wild animals are the same, hunters who have dealt with wild animals all their lives have a new understanding of animal nature.
  The three little red foxes wailed miserably again in horror. The hunter clearly heard: “Mom! Help me!” The
  hunter was hesitating, not knowing what to do with the three poor little guys. At this moment, a flash of red lightning suddenly fell from the sky. Before the hunter had time to dodge, he was hit face up to the sky by a powerful force, and the shotgun was thrown five steps away.
  The hunter saw exactly that, it was the mother red fox! For its own children, it went so far as to desperate. He clearly saw the brave mother red fox rushing out of the cave and fleeing with his three children surrounded by them.
  The hunter rolled around instinctively, grabbed the shotgun and threw it down on the spot, aiming at the red fox family with his black hole.
  The poor little red fox just had a full moon, and it was too late to learn how to escape. I saw them crawling and stumbling, but they were unable to escape the hunter’s range. At this time the hunter’s muzzle was aimed at their heads. The three little guys hid behind Mother Red Fox in fear, wailing, and seemed to shout: “Mom, I’m afraid!”
  At this critical moment, Mother Red Fox gave up running away, suddenly stood upright and used her own The body strictly protects his children. At the same time, he lowered his head and rubbed his face against the little red fox, seeming to comfort them: “Don’t be afraid of children! There is a mother here.” The
  little guys calmed down and were close to their mother.
  Mother Red Fox stared at the hunter with that cold look, and said to him clearly: “Come on! Come to me! Don’t hurt my child!”
  Mother Red Fox supported the mother’s love. It stood upright, with its weak chest, bravely resisting the muzzle of the black hole, and guarding the scared little red fox with its body.
  The hunter was shocked by a great power, only to feel a blur in front of his eyes. He involuntarily took a step back and quietly released the finger that was holding the trigger. In the end, he even put down his shotgun, opening a path of life for the mother and son in front of him.
  Mother Red Fox gave the hunter a grateful look, and the children leading it calmly left the hunter’s sight and disappeared into the distant jungle.