Greece’s bloody murders have been reversed

Recently, a “house-breaking and murder case” that caused a sensation across Greece came to light, and the cruel truth was revealed to be embarrassing. The 32-year-old pilot, Anagnostopoulos, admitted that he made up the plot of a robbery and killed his 20-year-old wife, Caroline. Anagnanostopoulos, who turned from a victim to a murderer, was taken to the Athens court by riot police on the 19th (pictured).

According to a report by Agence France-Presse on the 20th, in the 37 days after the incident, Anagnanostopoulos has claimed that three gangsters broke into the house late at night, tied the couple together, and robbed more than 10,000 euros in cash and jewelry. He also pointed a gun at the baby, causing his wife to block her nose and mouth and choke to death during the fight with the culprits. The case caused great shock in the Greek society where the overall public security situation is good. In the criminal investigation work, the Greek police found that the case was quite strange. The so-called robbers had no trace—the police were still unable to find any foreigner’s hair or fingerprints and other DNA evidence at the scene of the crime or on the remains of the dead. The details also make the police suspicious of the male host Anagnostopoulos as the only witness. The technical analysis of electronic equipment has become the key to solving the case.

Police technicians discovered that the female deceased was wearing a smart watch at the time of the crime. The pulse stop time recorded by it was earlier than the time the male owner claimed that the gangster entered the room, robbery and killed; The fitness application data installed on the owner’s mobile phone shows that he was always on the move during that time, and he had records of walking, going up stairs and other exercises. In the face of hard evidence, Anagnostopoulos finally admitted that he killed his wife. According to him, the reason for the murder was a dispute with his wife over trivial matters in life, and his wife threatened to take the child away from him. The people have condemned the brutal and cold-blooded murderers of their wives and demanded justice for the deceased woman.