Fall slowly

 On the
  day of frost, the sun has faded. However, people are not worried that the fruit on the tree will not be ripe anymore. The persimmons full of trees no longer need to be colored by sunlight. In this season, the leaves have fallen, leaving only the bright red fruits hanging on the treetops, reflecting in the open fields, very conspicuous, and looking more and more attractive. The huge temperature difference formed between day and night drives away the astringency of the persimmon a little bit, and the taste is already very good. The increase in sweetness enhances the taste of this fruit.
  Although persimmons are not rare in the country, it is still surging to be able to eat two persimmons in this season to thank the earth for the generosity.
  The people under the tree circled the tree pocket from time to time and looked up, worrying that the ripe persimmons would suddenly fall from the branches with a sound of “poach” because they couldn’t bear it. The ones that grew in the low places had already been stretched out and walked along, leaving empty branches, and the remaining fruits that could not be reached by the arms were preserved intact. Now, if you don’t want to climb the trees, you need to use tools to make them fall safely to the ground.
  The ladder is just such a tool, and there is a long bamboo pole, which was split from the top with a knife “slap” and stuck into a short wooden stick. Although the bamboo branches look a little simple, their functions should not be underestimated. They allow people to stretch their arms and touch any part of the canopy. They can transport the soft persimmons from the air to the ground one by one without any damage. They fell from a high altitude and fell into a mass of persimmon mud.
  In every season, long-ripe fruits are picked from the trees. They are in good condition and rich in juice, which makes people feast on. The taste on the tip of the tongue instantly awakens people’s sensibility to the season, because the season corresponds to the direction of the fruit, and what fruit to eat in any season seems to be a convention.
  ”July jujube, August pear, September, persimmon yellow belly” is a common saying that is almost a nursery rhyme. It is so popular that women and children can understand it as soon as they understand it. It reveals the time node when the fruit reaches the end, so that those waiting to taste it are worth looking forward to.
  People seem to have forgotten the existence of some peaches and pomegranates with poor taste and wretched images. They are allowed to hang on the branches of fields, corners, and eaves, so that people’s interest in picking cannot be aroused. The wind was rushing in the evening, and they fell down one after another, shocking the pedestrians who happened to pass by.
  Hard fruits such as chestnuts and walnuts need some patience to wait. It would be better if they can grow to fall naturally. Separated by a tight hard shell, if you don’t use the same hard hammer to break them open, you can’t know whether they are cooked through. The deliciousness of the fruit is here. If you do not consider transportation or storage, the taste will not really come out until it is ripe. With relish, it must be the ripe fruit. Those fruits that have not matured are mixed with a sour or astringent taste. One bite makes people frown, as if to remind people to wait patiently.
  Most of the children couldn’t wait, wandering around under the tree tentatively, worried that the snacks they were about to get would be stolen by squirrels or passers-by. If holding the roots of the tree and shaking fruitlessly for a few times, then follow the example of an adult, take the long bamboo pole, beat it up, and the pole dives down. The fruit can’t hold it anymore, and they fall one after another and hit the hard ground, or Drilling into the grass, full and heavy, makes people happy.
  2 The
  kite satisfies the beauty that people can not go to the sky but can feel the floating in the sky.
  At the end of the alley at the door, there is an old man who is a master at making kites. The child is still young, and every March, we go to his shop. The cramped room is full of colorful kites with different shapes. Choosing to choose is nothing more than to choose a shape that is more sculpted, or that is light and handy, so that it can fly as high and beautiful as possible when it is released.
  Kite-flying has skills in it, including the control of flying and retracting, the cater to the wind, and the avoidance of obstacles. In recent years, the construction of cities has been too rapid. The buildings rising from the ground are not only dense but also towering. Electric wires criss-cross the air, and the trees are dense and unpruned, which restricts the flying of kites.
  However, a thin thread is holding a shape made of bamboo, and it floats in the air with the help of wind, flickering, and it still gives birth to some fun. The children ran and jumped happily so that the adults were encouraged and rewarded, and the more they wanted to make the kite fly higher.
  People have been on the ground for too long, always want to experience the feeling of flying in the air. With the kite, this desire of people has found a carrier of sustenance.
  According to legend, Mo Di used wood to make wooden birds and was developed for three years. It was the earliest kite origin. Later, Lu Ban used bamboo to improve the material of Mo Di’s kite, which evolved into today’s kite.
  ”Children come back from school early and are busy taking advantage of the east wind to fly paper kites.” A kite in hand, or hung in a corner, can also reveal a sense of elegance, revealing a flying posture.
  A good kite must be a combination of lightness and exquisite shape, and balanced kung fu testifies to the craftsmanship of a craftsman.
  The wind in March made the kite turbulent and swayed from side to side. Sometimes, as soon as the kite was shot, it would spin and fall down. It was still unsure of the balance.
  The kite of the companions has risen to a high level, making people want to try again without giving up. Unintentionally, the kite floated up and slid lightly into the vast sky, and the thread in his hand was slowly released, just like a mother sending a child who travels far away, slowly letting go, letting him go further and further toward the wider world , The worry in my heart turned into a thin thread in this hand, which was pulled in dreams from time to time.
  The higher the altitude, the more stable the kite, almost no skill is needed, just tighten the line. The boundless sky curtain becomes the clear background, and the beauty of the kite shape expands as it opens, unreliably revealed, lifelike and dynamic, attracting countless passing pedestrians from time to time to look up.
  When the twilight quadruples, withdraw the thin thread in the hand, the kite falls down like a fallen leaf, and returns to the hand. Things in the sky, no matter how high they fly, they will eventually return to the ground. This is their fate that they cannot escape.
  A pull string as thin as a hairspring controls their destiny, making it rise and fall.
  I was born in a courtyard in the countryside, which is a neat old house. During the peak period, there were dozens of people living in it, all of them family members. This is the asset left by the ancestors, and everyone can enjoy it.
  The footboards that go in and out polish the stone strips that serve as the upper and lower steps in front of the door. The endless toil did not make the life easy and comfortable. The wide-open family brought the embarrassment of livelihoods like a huge stone pressed in the hearts of the elders. , No respite at all. My father had long wanted to build a new house and move out of this old house, but he was unable to implement it because of the constraints in his hands, so he had to stay here, unable to move.
  No one knows how many generations have lived in this house. The old shadows of time are cast on the mottled earth wall, making people trance old. Those originally thick wooden pillars, roof trusses, and rafters were punched with dense small round holes by a group of buzzing bumblebees all day long.
  The black tiles on the roof could not withstand the wind and rain. They were badly damaged. A temporary layer of film was spread, but it didn’t work well. When it rained, my mother had to find some pots and pots to catch the leaks, ticking. Answered raindrops fell from the cracks in the roof tiles, falling into large and small basins, clanging.

  A family of five, squeezed into two cramped huts, gave birth to some depression for no reason. Especially on a rainy day, I can clearly feel the sadness of my mother splashing in my heart when facing the raindrops falling from the roof tiles.
  This kind of day lasted until the junior high school did not change. I moved into a new house for a long time, and every rainy day, the sound of rain falling from the roof still filled my ears.
  If you talk about the fall of life, be more emotional, or take yourself as an example.
  When I first started working, I worked as a worker in a hydropower station. This is a county-level enterprise with more than 100 employees and one of the best units in the county. Everyone is content with this day when they go to work and receive money on a monthly basis. The benefits are considerable, and there is almost no need to worry about food and clothing. More importantly, they can have some time at their own discretion, which makes many outsiders admire.
  Facing a lot of time, some people don’t know what to do. When doing nothing, drinking, playing cards, hanging out, chatting, and living a happy life in the eyes of the world. In the meantime, although the stationmaster has repeatedly reminded the reform, not many people regard it as the same thing, because the change is nothing more than making some adjustments in the type of work, or the front-line staff is transferred to the logistics, and there is a little ability. , From the front-line workers to management positions, because they are all recruited into the system, there is no danger of being laid off. As a result, many people have become more and more sloppy. Except for a little skill in maintenance and other types of work, almost all others are abandoned. Few people go to cultivate other interests or try to learn other skills for earning a living. Many people can’t talk about pursuits, and pass the boring time leisurely.
  Slowly I sensed some hidden crises. I felt that my youth could not just squander like this. I began to try to write some news reports and official documents, so that my work would not be unfamiliar.
  Two years later, a unit directly under the county saw that my writing was fair enough, borrowed it, and later moved away from the power station that everyone liked. At that time, many colleagues did not understand, and even met each other to persuade them. They felt that they had to stay up late to write materials, but they had to be controlled by other people’s tribes and control.
  But I still obeyed the call of my heart.
  If the power station keeps running like this, everyone will guard it like an old monk guarding the temple. However, the world is unpredictable. The wave of enterprise restructuring still swept the power station, was wholly-owned by a foreign company, and all personnel were dismissed. Overnight, everyone’s livelihood was threatened from a stable system person to a laid-off social person who chose his own job. Many people began to resist instinctively, seeking to maintain the old system and resisting the entry of buyers, but in the face of the tide of the times, the voices of individuals or small groups were diluted to almost nothing, as light as dust.
  Looking back, many days disappeared without a trace. Today’s fall must have been at a certain stage of life, wasting a great time, and the remaining stubbornness needs to be made up and repaired with unspeakable dedication.
  The situation in life must be like this.

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